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Smart Health Pro™ Health & Fitness Tracker

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"Really Easy To Track My Vitals!"
Carolyn B. - Lexington, KY ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

“Tracking my vitals in one, convenient location was a big reason I got one. It’s become a little game to see if I can beat my score every day!”

All Your Health Vitals In One Convenient Location - On Your Wrist!

  • Alerts you to spikes in your heart rate, body temperature and blood pressure - helping you stay in the “safe zone” when exercising.
  • Motivates you to make healthier choices a habit with daily reminders to stretch, walk and drink more water.
  • Tracks calories, steps and distance, keeping your health goals “front of mind”.
  • 90-day Money Back Guarantee!

How does the Smart Health Pro™ Health Tracker work?

The Smart Health Pro™ is a revolutionary breakthrough in technology. It’s like a smartphone device but one that you always have with you (on your wrist).

It tracks the amount of steps you take each day, which is ideal to help you sit less and move more.

And it monitors your heart-rate, which is important if you regularly exercise with intensity, yet want to remain safe.

The lightweight design and ergonomic strap means it fits on your wrist comfortably, and it’s waterproof, so you can wear it when exercising, swimming or showering.

Here’s Why Thousands Of Customers Love The Smart Health Pro™ Health Tracker


"Using It With My Son"
Eric B. - Preston, GA ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

"I’ve turned my daily step counter in to a competition with my son. We’re both able to track all of our steps and see who did the most that day! We love using it."


Great For Tracking Blood Pressure Levels. 
Keris T. - Jonesboro, AK ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

“13 years ago, I was told i had to start watching my BP levels. But that’s hard to do when I only go for a check up once a month. This fitness tracker allows me to keep my BP numbers on my wrist and check to see if what I’m doing is working.”


Frequently Asked Questions


Who shouldn’t use this?

Anyone that thinks taking better care of their health is reserved strictly for athletes, celebrities or the ultra-rich… ...or the person who doesn't really care about maintaining or improving their quality of life in mind, body & spirit as they get older - sadly, these people probably shouldn’t use a Smart Health Pro™ Health Assistant.


Who should use this?

The Smart Health Pro™ Health Assistant is for anyone who cares about their overall well-being… and for everyone interested in making it super easy to monitor their health… The Smart Health Pro™ Health Assistant enables you to see your daily or weekly “health statistics” guiding you to effortlessly make micro changes in diet, exercise, nutrition or sleep... So you can feel better now, and in the future - all thanks to the advanced Smart Health Pro™ “health buddy” technology.


Does it connect to my smartphone?

Yes, your Smart Health Pro™ Health Assistant connects to a downloadable app on your phone. And is compatible with Android phones like Samsung or Apple IOS operating systems.


How much is shipping?

For a limited time, we are offering FREE shipping worldwide!


How long does delivery take?

Delivery takes 3-12 days to the USA, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia.


Where can I buy this in person?

Currently we sell our product exclusively online.


What happens if this doesn’t help me?

We offer a 90-day satisfaction guarantee policy. If for any reason you are not completely happy with your purchase, just call or email us at for a no-questions-asked exchange or refund.