Avoid Back/Spine Surgery: Researchers Show It’s No Better Than Exercise!

Here’s a shocking truth that researchers have recently discovered about back/spinal surgery…

Scientists have found that surgery is no better than regular exercise and therapy!

After hearing so many back surgery failures…

Researchers from Jinan University wanted to find out if back surgery was any better than regular exercise.

After all, many patients get no pain relief even after surgery…

Or worse, some end up paralyzed from the waist down (even though there were NO complications in the surgery).

So these researchers decided to analyze the truth about back surgery.

They reviewed 897 patients…

Some who had surgery, while others had opted to avoid back surgery and exercise instead.

After comparing the data and pain scores from patients…

They were shocked to find that surgery was NO better than regular exercise!

They concluded:

“In brief, the current evidence demonstrated a trend that exercise therapy had a similar effect for lumbar spinal stenosis compared with decompressive laminectomies.”

Except, exercise carries no risk of paralysis and you don’t have to go under the knife.

That’s why, if you have back pain…

We always recommend you focus on risk-free, natural methods first!

However, if you’re in pain already — I understand it can be hard to exercise.

That’s where the ComfortFlex is the answer!

ComfortFlex is designed to provide quick back pain relief by decompressing your spine.

Remember, the downward pull of gravity causes your spine to compress like this — causing back pain:

But when you wear the ComfortFlex…

It’s like having two hands, gently pressing on your back…

This causes your spine to “lift” upward.

This is how the ComfortFlex provides decompression and back pain relief!

You can wear it when you’re exercising (it increases your strength — that’s why you see weightlifters use belts).

And you can also wear it while you’re inactive too (e.g. watching TV).

The more consistent you are with it, the better the results!

So if you have lower back pain…

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Wouldn’t you agree it’s a better idea to get back pain relief with no risk — rather than going under the knife?

I’m sure you agree.

So if you want to enjoy your golden years without back pain…

Whether that’s playing with the grandkids…

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