Avoid Knee Loosening - Knee Loosening Caused 42,000 Implants To Be Recalled!

Have you heard about "knee loosening?"

It's one of the most serious complications that can happen after knee surgery...

And what happens is your knees literally "loosen" up.

And instead of staying "locked in" to each other...

The joints "give out" - just like what would happen if you had 2 gears that weren't properly tightened.

Ultimately, this can cause bone fractures, instability (because your knees give out) and serious falls.

Worst of all...

It can happen for a variety of reasons - including manufacturing problems! (Meaning, it's not even your surgeon's fault).

For example, in 2018 - Smith & Nephew ended up recalling 42,000 of its BCS Knee implants...

But many had been "used" already between 2007 and 2014.

How do you "recall" a knee replacement if it's already inside your knees?

This is just one of the many risks with knee surgery.

This is also why I always recommend trying a NATURAL, risk-free solution first

That way, you don't have to take these kinds of risks...

And who knows - maybe you'll no longer need surgery at all!

And with the Ultra Knee Elite - that's what we're aiming for:

A completely risk-free way to manage your knee pain!

That's why we always recommend you use your Ultra Knee Elites consistently!

That's how folks like Barbara have gotten her golden years back (WITHOUT having to deal with bone-on-bone pain):

The Ultra Knee Elite made all the difference in the world for me.

I'm able to enjoy time with my grandchildren playing in the yard, able to go on hikes with my family...

You're just able to do so much more. You're able to bend down.

You're able to hike, and it takes a lot of stress off your knee and you'll just really enjoy the time outside.

It's a total lifesaver and a total game changer.

  • Barbara

    - Chula Vista, CA

However, regular use also means you may need to wash your Ultra Knee Elites more frequently.

So if you'd like to grab an extra back-up pair while your original knee sleeves are in the wash...

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