Back Pain Doctor: “This Olympic Powerlifting Secret Could End Back Pain For Millions Of Seniors”

Aug 10, 2022

The Reality Of Back Pain:

⇨ What’s the #1 cause of back pain and can it be healed?

⇨ Can a “belt” really be the key to freedom from foot pain?

⇨ The back compression secret one pain M.D. says could “end” back pain.

⇨ Stand upright without pain and without any need for “easing” your way into it. 

Do you wake up in the mornings with pain in both your lower back?

If so, try this remedy used by Olympic weightlifters and powerlifters!

Notice how the strongest people in the world all seem to be wearing a belt?

There’s a good reason for that!

It’s because these lumbar support belts strengthen their back, allowing them to lift heavier weights!

Now, you might not be a olympic powerlifter, but here’s the cool part:

You Can Use The Same Trick 

To Eliminate Your Back Pain!

You see, back pain is caused by your spine being compressed by the downward pull of gravity and your bodyweight.

(This often causes the nerves to be pinched, which spreads pain to your knees and lower back).

So the answer is to provide the OPPOSITE motion.

The bad news is that doing that on your own might make your back trouble worse…

The GOOD news is that a revolutionary Lumbar Support Belt is being used by thousands of seniors — and it’s now being recommended by leading doctors.

What Is It?

It’s called The ComfortFlex™ Lumbar Support Belt.

And according to pain specialists in the U.S. it’s among the top recommended back pain relief tools on the market.

That’s because it takes what works for those Olympic powerlifters and combines it with the needs of regular people like you and me.

That means you get all the support you need to bend and lift items like they do…

But also protection from injury, improved posture, and reduced back pain over time.

The best part?

The ComfortFlex™ was created by a US-based team of doctors, physical therapists, and health experts.

And has been featured on Fox News, CBS, USA Today, and more.

As Seen On: 

Designed With Advice From One Of America's Leading Pain Specialists And Doctor Of Physical Therapy

He has spent over 10 years helping thousands of patients. One of the top issues he sees is back pain.

Thanks to the ComfortFlex™ , thousands are soothing their pain and even delaying back pain surgery. Many users say their back is almost pain free and they are able to bend, lift, stretch and just feel decades younger.

How Does It Work?

I’ll use an analogy to show you how the ComfortFlex provides decompression (the opposite of compression on your spine).

Imagine having someone’s hands, gently pressing on your back.

This causes your spine to “lift” upward.

This is how the ComfortFlex™ provides decompression and back pain relief!

So if you have lower back pain…

The ComfortFlex™ is a must-have item for 2022!

What Does The ComfortFlex™ Do?

The ComfortFlex™ is one of the first back pain devices that combines a molded spinal plate with 2 side bolsters to secure the lower back in a safe and natural position.

uses a 360 degree traction design ‍for complete torso support.

This protects you from injury, while gently stretching and releasing pressure from the vertebrae (spinal discs), for relief in minutes..

But that’s not all it does! Here are some other great features:

‍✅ Incredibly comfortable - lightweight and breathable fabric soothes your back all day (without any rubbing, slipping, or pinching)
‍✅3 different support plate inserts - so you can customize your experience. Choose from breathable, warm, or self-heating support.
‍✅Tourmaline self-heating pads - they use magnets to redirect body heat to the lower back - keeping muscles warm, melting pain away, and improving blood flow for faster recovery.
✅ Simple to use - slip it on in seconds and you’ll be back up and moving. No more wasting time “stretching” out your back before you’re able to walk around.
✅ Adjustable compression straps - that attach with velcro in the front so you can easily tighten or loosen the support straps for the exact amount of support you need.
✅ Maximum support & mobility - two “side-bolsters” support your back — without restricting movement (like having a ‘bionic’ knee)
✅ Thousands of 5-star Reviews - Seniors everywhere are enjoying healthy, pain-free movement once again!

With all these incredible features, it’s easy to see why thousands love The ComfortFlex™

How Much Does The ComfortFlex™ Cost

The cost of back surgery, pain killers, and physical therapy can cost upwards of $10,000 a year.

That’s because the traditional pain relief market is a money machine - transferring your money from your pocket into the hands of fat cat pharma execs.

Then there’s the emotional, physical and mental cost of being in pain all the time - something pain sufferers know all too well.

So when you add all that up, something like the ComfortFlex™ could probably retail for over $500.

But it doesn’t.

The ComfortFlex™ retails online for $159 — and even at this price, it’s already a steal.

HOWEVER, readers of this page can access a special “readers only” discount to get up to 54% OFF with FREE EXPRESS SHIPPING!

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It’s a tiny investment considering The ComfortFlex™ can make your back feel years younger.

Plus - The founders of The ComfortFlex™ only sell directly on their website.

This means they don’t have to pay any greedy middlemen. So they’re able to pass HUGE savings on to you.

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  • When I start feeling fatigue and sore I would put this on without any assistance and be instantly relieved. If you’re having back issues and this makes sense (actually stretches your lower back comfortably) then try it out. If you get the same results as I did you will be extremely happy.

    - Thomas G (Texas)

Conclusion: Is The ComfortFlex™ Worth It?

In my opinion — it’s a BIG Yes!

The ComfortFlex™ has over thousands of excellent reviews which always makes me feel better about my purchase.

And it can give you rapid back pain relief. Along with being able to move around like you used to.

Plus, you can wear it discreetly all day without anyone noticing.

And I love how durable and well-made The ComfortFlex™ is, and the tourmaline heating pads are really a game changer.

With up to 54% off and a no-fuss 90-day money-back guarantee — this is an amazing opportunity to finally rid yourself of back pain (without costly and harmful medication).

Where Can You Order The ComfortFlex™? 

Ordering has never been easier.

Step 1: Order from the official ComfortFlex™ store here (up to 54% OFF + Free Shipping + 90-day money-back guarantee).

Step 2: Your ComfortFlex™ will arrive in 3 to 5 days.

Step 3: Enjoy rapid relief and a back that feel decades younger.

**Important Update: 

Since writing this article, demand for The ComfortFlex™ has skyrocketed.

Be sure to claim your 54% discount while there’s still stock available.

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