Best carbs for your knees (and other joints): Studies show eating this reduces pain by 25%!

Have you heard about the “white carb” that helped reduce bone-on-bone knee pain by 25% within 14 days?

This special white carb has been supported by over a decade of scientific research…

And now, we know that it’s incredibly good for your knees!

This white carb is called “FruiteX-B.”

And it’s a patented formulation that contains calcium fructoborate — the white carb I mentioned just now.

FruiteX-B (calcium fructoborate) can be found inside certain legumes, fruits and plants, in small amounts.

You can also find calcium fructoborate in foods like:

- Figs
- Raisins
- Honey
- Apples

Eating these foods regularly is a good idea…

But the reality is, it’s difficult to eat large amounts of it daily.

The good news is, researchers have found a way to extract this good stuff and concentrate it for maximum effect…

And the result of that extraction is called FruiteX-B!

After testing FruiteX-B against common supplements like glucosamine and a placebo…

Studies show that FruiteX-B reduced joint pain for patients by 25%!

On the other hand, the placebo and glucosamine produced no effect.

That’s why we knew FruiteX-B had to be part of our all-in-one joint relief supplement: TriForce!

TriForce contains FruiteX-B, along with several other potent ingredients.

These are designed to give you rapid knee and joint pain relief…

While also giving your body the nutrients it needs to repair your joints from the inside.

Plus, it also contains several powerful inflammation fighting ingredients too!

Here are some of the pain-relieving nutrients you’ll find inside TriForce:

  • FruiteX-B - ‍Proven in 12 clinical studies to reduce inflammation and the sensation of pain in 7-14 days
  • C1 Digestive Collagen - ‍Repairs the cushion of cartilage between joints to eliminate bone-on-bone grinding pain
  • Boswellia - Speeds up joint repair by boosting collagen production. Plus, it neutralizes acids and inflammation in the body
  • Selenium - ‍A powerful antioxidant that protects joint tissues from damage and reduces overall inflammation
  • Turmeric - Mother Nature's #1 anti inflammatory. Perfect for stiffness and swelling
  • Ginger - ‍‍A natural pain soother that breaks down inflammation inside the joint

Make sure to take TriForce for the next 90 days for the best results!

(You’ll feel pain-relieving effects within 14 days, but studies show it gets better and better over a longer time period).

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90-Day Satisfaction Promise 

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Best of all, clinical studies show these ingredients are safe to use with little to no side effects!

Now, studies show you want to take these powerful ingredients inside TriForce for at least 8 to 12 weeks.

So if you want the best results…

Make sure to grab multiple bottles so you don’t run out and have to re-order!

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The 3-Step Natural Process That Can Regenerate Old Joints

1. Simply take 2 easy-to-swallow capsules a day and within 1-7 days you can notice your pain melt away
2. By day 8, TriForce actually helps your joints produce more synovial fluid which is like engine grease for your joints - allowing you to move without any pain or mobility issues
3. By day 30, your joint actually begins to repair itself, helping turn back time on your joints so you can move like you did years ago
If you’ve been struggling with joint pain for a long time, we’d forgive you for being skeptical.
We didn’t believe these claims at first either. That was until we saw the scientific proof and all the glowing feed from stunned TriForce users.

Helpful Hint: Did you know resting bad joints for too long could be the worst thing you ever do?

Surprisingly, not moving joints can lead to more pain and less mobility.

If you want healthy joints, you’ve gotta keep moving!

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