Brittle Bones In Feet: How Foot Neuropathy Makes Your Bones Weaker!

Have you heard about charcot foot?

Charcot foot happens when the bones in your feet get so weak due to nerve damage…

They start breaking apart from the inside, just by walking!

Over time, the bones start poking out the soles of your feet, causing severely painful ulcers.

And eventually, people end up with multiple foot surgeries like the picture below, just to walk without pain:

This is why it’s so important to take your foot health and blood sugar seriously.

And the core of foot neuropathy starts with your blood sugar and circulation.

With higher blood glucose, it turns your bloodstream into a thick, gooey substance (think honey vs. water).

As a result, your circulation worsens and the nerves in your feet are usually the first to start “starving” because of the reduced blood flow!

So what can you do?

Well, the first thing to help your nerves recover is to keep your blood sugar levels low.

You've probably heard this before, but it's important:

When your blood sugar levels are high, it causes your blood to turn "sticky."

And that means your nerves aren't getting the nutrients and oxygen it needs.

To make matters worse…

As you get older, your insulin sensitivity falls, which means more blood sugar spikes.

Luckily, researchers have found the best way to control blood sugar…

Is to simply go for a short, 15-minute walk after your meals!

Of course, lowering carbohydrate intake helps too.

But just going for a quick walk around the block can keep your all-day blood glucose levels under control!

If your feet hurt too much to walk…

Make sure to keep exercising while wearing your SootheSocks!

They're designed to provide rapid pain relief…

Allowing you to walk and exercise again — which creates a flywheel of recovery.

Walking with the SootheSocks lowers blood sugar…

Which then means you have less foot pain…

Then you can walk more again, allowing you to get better and better with each passing week!

But remember, once you get your SootheSocks, make sure to use it consistently for the best results.

You can ONLY get the benefits of compression when you’re actually wearing these socks.

So wear them when you’re active and moving -- and you should be using them when you’re inactive too!

(For example, while you’re sitting on the couch, eating dinner etc.)

However, regular use means you may need to wash your SootheSocks regularly - make sure to get multiple pairs!

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