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See How “Deep Oscillation Technology” Is Helping Seniors Relieve Their Sore Muscles

The ExoPulse Works Deep Inside Muscles To ‘Untangle’ Knots And Melt Tension Away

Muscle knots are dense clusters of muscle fibers that stick together like glue.

Knots can lead to aches and stiffness in the surrounding areas. They can be caused by workouts, repetitive movements, bad posture, sitting down all day, stress, and more.

When nerves get tangled up in these knots, things can get troublesome.

The problem is, these knots can be hard to get to. They’re usually located deep inside the muscle.

Massage can help. But one session is not enough.

Regular, expensive sessions are needed to get lasting benefits. And if the knots are deep, it can lead to uncomfortable massages.

But now, a breakthrough personal massage device is helping people untangle their knots, aches, and tightness — fast.

It’s all thanks to something experts call Deep Oscillation Technology.

The ExoPulse™ Therapy Gun untangles deep muscle tension

Studies show vibration has a soothing effect. Which is why the health experts at AmRelieve® created an incredible therapy gun with Deep Oscillation Technology — combining the power of vibration with a deep tissue massage.

Deep Oscillation Technology sends53 vibrating pulses per seconddeep into tight muscles and knots.

The combination of deep vibration waves and massage helps alleviate tension and soothe sore muscles fast.

The ExoPulse™ has a portable design, so you can take it wherever you go.

And because it fits perfectly in the palm of your hand, the device is easier to use than many bulkier models — especially on harder-to-reach parts of your body.

The ExoPulse™ is compact, virtually silent, and portable — but mighty effective on tight muscles

Don’t let the compact design fool you. The motor is expertly engineered to make The ExoPulse™ more powerful and quiet than many devices 3 times the size.

Enjoy up to 4 hours of battery life with one charge.

Plus, you can choose from 4 different attachments — for targeted relief all over the body.

Whether you want to safely release tension in your neck and shoulders. Or target knots deep in your glutes or thighs — there’s an attachment for the experience, problem, and intensity you desire.

The ExoPulse™ Therapy Gun

With 4 Interchangeable Massage Heads

U-Shape Head
Perfect for the neck, shoulders, spine and heels and calves. This head can help give relief for sciatica pain, cramps, and soreness from exercise.
Vertebral Head
For pinpoint massage accuracy and groups of muscles with trigger points found in the shoulders, glutes, traps and hips.
Ball Head
Ideal for your largest and most annoying muscle problems. Use this anywhere on the body for extreme tightness and tension relief.
Flat Head
Best for the largest muscles like legs, back, arms and chest and designed to improve blood flow and smooth out tight knots.
Whatever your massage needs are, the ExoPulse™ is up to the task. The uniquely shaped massage heads will give you the exact muscle stimulation you need and the powerful percussion technology inside will give you the satisfaction you deserve.
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Powerful Relaxation In The Palm Of Your Hand

Introducing The ExoPulse™ Therapy Gun

The most portable and powerful handheld massage therapy gun on the market
Jeremy Campbell
PT, DPT & U.S. Military Veteran
The ExoPulse™ Features
Powerful relief with uninterrupted percussion so you get deep, satisfying massage therapy.
A small, discreet and modern design means you can take it anywhere for a professional quality massage on the go.
Long lasting battery that gives up to 4 hours per charge
4 unique pulse settings so you can choose the level of massage that's right for you.
Ultra Lightweight design that weighs just 0.906 lbs making it easy to store in luggage and bags.
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Guaranteed to be 100% Effective or Your Money Back!

The multiple heads in the ExoPulse™ Therapy Gun is guaranteed to relieve your sore muscles. It is designed to be the most powerful and easy to carry massage gun in the world.

Protected By
90 Days Money Back Guarantee!

If you are not 100% satisfied with the ExoPulse™ for any reason then you can request a full refund. You are protected by our 90-day guarantee on all purchases. Should you have any problem at all then just e-mail us at support@amrelieve.com for a fast response and a no questions asked exchange or refund.

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How To Use The ExoPulse™ Therapy Gun

1. Power Up

Press and hold the power button for 3 seconds until the blue LED lights comes On.
2. Choose The Perfect Attachment

Select from 1 of 4 attachments designed specifically for the various parts of the body.
3. Select The Speed & Intensity

Press the Speed button 1-4 times to select the right speed for you so you get exactly the right type of massage.
4. Start Your Soothing Massage

Start off with gentle pressure and build up to a comfortable level. Use for 30 seconds to 2 minutes depending on the area.
The ExoPulse™ is perfect for athletes, office workers, seniors, people on their feet all day — and almost anyone with muscle aches and stiffness.
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Using the ExpoPulse Massage gun subdues the cramps and pain in my feet
- Victor H.
I love my massage gun. It travels with me everywhere!
- Rana N.
- Adam N.
I use it almost everyday after the gym and after I get out of work.
I am very pleased with the ExoPulse Massage Gun and I recommend it
- Robert B.
This unit has exceeded expectations! I really really love it.
- Sharon Q.
I found that if I use the ExoPulse a couple of times a day, my pain and discomfort subsides.
- Vivian S.

I retired just as the pandemic was getting ugly and I've got chronic pain in the butt, literally, running down the left hamstring. So that's where the massage gun comes in. When I'm standing my left leg will start to throb and I’ll pull out the ExoPulse. It’s so light that I don't have to use both hands on it. It really does the job

- Chula Vista, CA

I've been doing trades for 34 years and it's pretty hard on the body. And I gotta tell you, I'm really glad I got this massage gun. I like the different attachments, you can really pinpoint what's going on. I highly recommend this to anybody that's got any kind of stiffness, muscle pain

- Lexington, KY

I had this massage gun for a couple of months now and I literally use it every day after the gym and after I get out of work, it helped me a lot and I will refer all my friends and family to it.

- Lexington, KY
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Get Relief From Aches, Tightness, And Knots Today

Ordering The Exopulse™ couldn’t be easier.

Simply follow these steps:

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Step 3: Use your Exopulse™ for a few minutes each day too soothe tension, knots, and tight muscles. It’s quick, simple, and senior-friendly.

Helpful Hint: If someone you know or love is suffering from achy, tight muscles, you can give them this as a gift they’re sure to love — the gift of relief, mobility, and freedom.


Due to global supply chain issues, stock of the Exopulse™ may run out at any time. To make sure your Exopulse™ arrives without any delay, claim your 55% discount now.

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