Grandpa Shares Life-Saving Foot Neuropathy “Compression Zone” Secret After Crippling Pain Made Him Drop His Newborn Granddaughter

I’m haunted every day by the time I dropped a newborn baby onto the cold, hard concrete floor of my porch.

I was walking into my house, holding my new granddaughter when my foot caught on the last step, sending me tumbling to the floor.

I bashed my head and was in agony. But all I could think about was the beautiful newborn baby left in my care — now lying there screaming on the floor, helpless and potentially hurt.

But with both my feet completely numb, I couldn’t even stand up to help her. Just thinking about that day makes me feel sick to my stomach. And I’m ashamed to admit that for the first time in my life I felt useless.

I thank God every day that my son was there to scoop up my granddaughter — and by some miracle, she was unhurt.

Family is all I’ve got… would they ever speak to me again?

I’d suffered from foot neuropathy pain for years. Sometimes my feet went numb. Other times I felt like my feet were being stabbed with a hot, rusty nail. But I never knew the danger I’d put my family in.

After the incident, I tried a bunch of stretches, creams, and pills. But nothing helped.

That was until I was introduced to a leading Doctor of Physical Therapy, Dr. X. After hearing my dramatic story, he wanted to personally help me.

Doctor X'S own journey started when he... 

Fast forward 10 years and he’s helped thousands of others with all types of foot pain.

“Neuropathy happens when your nerves are dying. Unfortunately, this affects your reflexes, muscles, toe positioning, and more — which is why trips and falls are a common side effect of foot neuropathy” X explained.

One group of scientists from the University of Michigan Medical Center stated “Neuropathy was found to be significantly associated with falls”.

X says it’s possible to relieve foot neuropathy pain and even reduce numbness.

It’s all thanks to something he refers to as ‘compression zones’ in the feet. Compression zones are key areas of your foot that control pain and numbness.

When you apply the right amount of pressure to a compression zone, it’s like pushing a button that shuts off pain in that area.

A breakthrough way to stimulate compression zones and “switch off” foot pain

X shared an easy way to target all the major compression zones in your feet to ‘switch off’ foot pain and numbness. They’re called SootheSocks™ and it sounds hard to believe, but these “space-age” socks are astonishing.

X explained, "I recommend the SootheSocks™ to all of my patients with foot pain. Everyone that has bought them has been satisfied and seen an improvement."

And they're not just for foot neuropathy pain. One of the reasons they work so well is because they can help with any type of foot pain. From severe issues like neuropathy and plantar fasciitis, to flat feet, sore heels and swollen ankles.

Even if you just have sore, achy feet after a long way of work, SootheSocks will still make a world of difference for you.

I tried SootheSocks™ for 2 weeks and was blown away

The first thing I noticed when I put them on was the soothing pressure. My pain melted away in minutes. After 20 minutes I was walking like I’d never had any foot problems at all.

Thanks to my SootheSocks™ I’m back doing hiking, playing golf, and all the fun things I did before my foot pain.

And my whole family has noticed I’m more active, happier, and more positive about life. I haven't had a single trip or fall and I’m glad to report they trust me with my granddaughter again.

How SootheSocks Are Helping Thousands Of People “Switch Off” Their Foot Pain

Imagine enjoying…
  1. Near-instant relief from stabbing pain, burning toes, flat feet, sore ankles, plantar fasciitis and neuropathy pain.
  2. Feet that never feel numb or tingly.
  3. Reduced swelling and tenderness.
  4. Walking, standing, or resting with no pain or risk of tripping.
Thanks to SootheSocks™, all of that and more is possible.

The podiatrist-approved design uses breakthrough “compression zone” technology to apply pressure to compression zones in the feet — switching off pain and numbness.


SootheSocks also improve circulation for healthier feet and they’re comfier than normal socks, so you can wear them all day long.

Thanks to the non-slip cuffs, SootheSocks won’t fall down or bunch up — even if you’re walking, running, or squatting down.

How To Get The Most Out Of SootheSocks™

1. Wear one or both socks when you wake up like any other pair of socks to help switch off pain, tingling, or numbness.

2. Keep your SootheSocks™  on all day, with or without shoes for around the clock relief.

3. Go about your day as normal, walking, running, standing, or resting without your feet bothering you again.

Sound too good to be true? 

I thought so too... until I saw over 93,000 5-star reviews and tried SootheSocks™ for myself.

Helpful Hint: Did you know exercise can be a great way to help further reduce foot neuropathy pain, numbness, and tingling? 

Thanks to SootheSocks™ exercise is now possible again.

Be sure to start gentle and take things slowly at first

SootheSocks are incredibly simple and effective. I recommend wearing SootheSocks during the day or whenever pain strikes.

If these socks can actually help foot pain, they must be expensive, right?

The costs of medication and specialists can easily rise to $10,000+ a year. And considering the loss of earnings many people face when the pain gets unbearable — SootheSocks™ are an absolute steal!

Because you won’t even have to pay 1% of the extortionate numbers I just mentioned.

In fact, the creators of SootheSocks™, AmRelieve®, are offering a huge discount for new customers, making their prices unbeatable. You can get up to 62% OFF on this page right here.

The best part?

You can try out SootheSocks for 90-days 100% Risk-Free. If you don’t love the near-instant relief, blissful comfort, or the discreet, breathable design — you get every cent you paid back. No questions asked.


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