Hard Working Carpenter Shares CBD Breakthrough That Erased Years of Joint Pain (And Is Helping Others Get Relief Too)

After being let down by dozens of CBD solutions, he was blown away by how quick and effective this CBD breakthrough truly is.

I Felt Totally Helpless…

That’s how Patrick described his life with swollen and painful hands. His knuckles and fingers were so inflamed and tender that even doing up buttons on his shirt was almost impossible — let alone using his tools at work.
Patrick also remembers how shocked he was the first time he tried this revolutionary CBD that saved him from his pain.
(You may be just as surprised as Patrick when you see this breakthrough… and why it’s unlike anything else).

Patrick’s Painful Problem And Why CBD Never Seemed To Work...

As a carpenter, I rely on my hands to make a living. But after over 40 years in the industry, they’ve been through a lot.
It started as a bit of stiffness that I ignored. But within a couple of years, my fingers, knuckles, and wrists became incredibly swollen and tender. It wasn’t long before my boss had to write me up for poor quality work. I was angry at first, but the truth is, he was right.
I’ve always been proud of the work I do as a carpenter, but with my sore hands, I just couldn’t work like I used to.
The problem is, I’d seen the harmful effects of prescription painkillers on a few buddies of mine, so that was out of the question.
I’d actually heard about CBD and how it was natural and great for pain relief — so I gave that a shot.
The problem is, none of the CBD capsules or oils I tried did a thing (other than leave me with a lighter wallet).
It turns out the CBD industry is rife with fake and underdosed products.
And if it isn’t fake or underdosed, most CBD solutions are actually incredibly hard for your body to absorb and use.
That was until a guy at work showed me a CBD secret that “erased” his low back and knee pain...

‍“Rub This On Your Hands And Your Pain Will GO Away”

At this point I was willing to try anything.
So despite having no hope and not believing this strange balm would make any difference, I gave it a try.
I was blown away.
I first noticed a pleasant cooling effect soothe my hands from the moment I rubbed the balm into my knuckles and fingers. It quickly took the edge off my angry, inflamed joints.
Within a few minutes I noticed the pain begin to dull…
Until it fizzled out completely. My jaw must have hit the floor, because this guy let me keep the balm.
I was so excited that I hopped straight back on my tools and started working like I was in my 20s again.
For the first time in years I had no pain and now I’m proud of the work I do again.
After hearing Patrick's story, we had to find out more…

It’s Called CBD Balm™ and it’s unlike any other CBD

Imagine enjoying…
  1. Targeted relief from pain virtually anywhere on your body
  2. Near-instant relief at home, at work, or on the go
  3. Discreet relief that works at the source before it develops
  4. Walking, standing, and moving without pain holding you back
With CBD Balm you could do all of that and more.

Simply roll CBD balm over painful areas on your body for fast, targeted relief.

No messing around with capsules that don’t digest or underdosed, gross-tasting oils.

This cutting-edge formula contains CBD and 9 other ingredients that offer even more relief and actually work together, so your body can...

Soak Up CBD Like A Sponge

CBD Balm™ is rapidly absorbed into the skin, where it travels directly to pain receptors deep inside the affected area - which can block “pain signals” at the source.
And because it comes in a small, discreet container, you can use it on the go, leave it at work, or keep a stick in your car…
No matter where you are, you can end pain at the source and get on with your day.

How To Use CBD Balm™

1. Gently roll a thin layer of CBD balm over anywhere that feels stiff or sore, such as your knuckles, neck, low back, or knees.

2. Enjoy lasting relief, and reapply whenever you feel the need, no matter where you are.

3. It’s also great for after sports or soothing injuries, so you can get on with your day without pain or tightness holding you back.

This really is one the most effective types of CBD available right now.
Which may sound hard to believe...

‍In fact, we were skeptical at first - until we saw all the glowing 5-star reviews and tried it out for ourselves.

Helpful Hint: Did you know self-massage can help soothe pain? 

Try carefully massaging painful areas with a little CBD Balm for extra relief.

CBD Balm also harnesses the soothing power of 6 other proven ingredients - giving you even faster deep relief.

There’s no bad smell and CBD Balm is non-greasy, which means you can use it wherever you like and no one will know. 

This Sounds Amazing, What’s The Cost?

Some CBD brands cost anywhere from $4 to $10 a day.

Which means a one-month supply could cost $300+...

And despite the hefty price tag - there’s a real risk you’ll get under-dosed or dangerous version of CBD.

With CBD Balm you won’t have to worry about any of that.

Because right now the makers of CBD Balm are offering new customers an incredible 60% discount.

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One stick goes a long way - lasting for at least 30 days time.

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No hassle or hoops to jump through.


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