Here’s How I Got Rid Of My Agonizing Foot Neuropathy (Nerve Pain), Despite Being On My Feet All Day

  • by Steve Finch

    Health and Wellness | August 4th, 2022 | 11:13 am PST

Did you know there’s a podiatrist approved sock breakthrough that can “switch off” neuropathy nerve pain & other foot problems almost instantly??


Like many hard-working people, I spend 8+ hours a day on my feet at work. And I’ve always done a bit of running to stay in shape. So it wasn't unusual for me to have tired, achy feet from time to time.

But a few months ago I started getting pins and needles in my feet. It wasn’t long until the tingles turned into an unbearable burning pain.

Sometimes it felt like a hot poke was being pushed through my feet.

And because I had to stop running, the pounds started piling on, which only put more pressure on my feet.

I Had To Fix My Foot Pain, Fast

I saw a specialist who confirmed what I feared — I had neuropathy. I thought I was stuck with nerve pain forever. Desperate for a solution, I put a post on social media asking for help one night before bed.

My Friend's Amazing Idea…

When I woke up the next morning I saw a message from an old friend. He told me how he’s had neuropathy for years, but soothes his pain with a brand new type of sock called SootheSocks.

These socks use breakthrough “compression zone” technology to apply pressure to 5 critical areas of the foot to relieve pain. “Do these socks actually work?” I asked. Here’s what he told me:

I was skeptical. I had wasted thousands of dollars on massages, on supplements, specialists, and more.

Despite that, I had nothing to lose, so I ordered a pair. My package came in just 3 days (I live in Arizona).

They were packed incredibly well — it was clear from the start, SootheSocks are not some cheap overseas import.

I wanted to see if they were made as well as they looked, so I pulled and stretched the socks with serious force. They didn’t get out of shape or damaged at all.

Putting SootheSocks™ To The Test — Do They Actually Work?

It was time to see if these things were the real deal. My feet were in agony before work when I got my socks, so I put on a pair as I headed out the door.

What happened next was incredible. Almost instantly my pain melted away. It was just like getting a soothing deep tissue massage. Bliss.

I walked around the whole house and then put on my shoes like normal, ready for a long day on my feet.

I’m excited to report that after a 9-hour shift at work - I didn’t even have the slightest touch of discomfort at any point. 

It’s Easy To See Why SootheSocks™ Are Selling Out Fast

SootheSocks are the perfect solution for anyone with foot neuropathy pain.

But they're also fantastic for all types of foot problems. It doesn't matter if you have neuropathy pain, plantar fasciitis pain, flat feet, sore heels, swollen ankles, or just generally sore feet after a long day of work.

The 5 compression zones in these socks work like a 2 handed massage on your feet. Which is why people everywhere are flocking to order a pair.

If you have foot pain of any kind, I suggest ordering without delay before they run out.

Getting SootheSocks™ will be the best thing you ever do for your feet — and I don’t say that lightly…

I was exhausted, in agony, and my health was deteriorating before SootheSocks™. Now I work, run, and stand for as long as I like, whenever I like, without any foot pain.



The Features Helping Thousands “Switch Off” Their Neuropathy Pain

✔ Compression Zone Technology: Specialized weaves of strong elastic apply therapeutic pressure to 5 key areas of your feet for rapid relief and recovery.

✔ Soothes Any Pain: SootheSocks™ help relieve neuropathy… along with other issues, including plantar fasciitis, flat feet, feet that fall asleep, arthritis, heel strike pain, edema, foot injuries, heel spurs, lazy legs… and more!

✔ Improves Circulation: Get more fresh, oxygenated, and nutrient-rich blood to your feet for better relief and faster recovery.

✔ Lightweight & Breathable: Your feet will never get sweaty, damp, or smell bad thanks to the super comfy breathable fabric.

✔ Ultra-Durable Construct: SootheSocks™ are seriously tough. They won’t rip, tear, or get worn out — even if you wear them all day.

✔ Podiatrist Approved Design: Breakthrough technology helps support and soothe ankles, feet, heels, toes, and arches.

✔ Discreet & Comfortable: They’re so comfy and discreet, you might forget you’re even wearing them. Plus the non-slip cuffs ensure they don’t bunch up or slip down.

✔ Incredible Value: You’ll be so stunned at the relief you get, you’ll probably want to order dozens of pairs to share with family and friends. Luckily, with the great prices, you won’t have to think twice about stocking up.

✔ 100% Money-Back Guarantee: If you don’t like SootheSocks™ for any reason, they’ll give you every cent you paid back - no hassle or hoops to jump through.

Summary: If You Have Foot Neuropathy Pain, You Need SootheSocks™!

With 93,000+ reviews, people everywhere are experiencing incredible relief thanks to SootheSocks™.

Imagine enjoying…
  1. Near-instant relief from burning neuropathy pain.
  2. Feet that never feel numb or tingly.
  3. Reduced swelling and tenderness.
  4. Walking, standing, or resting with no pain bothering you.
Thanks to SootheSocks™, all of that and more is possible.


Why Are Soothe Socks™ So Heavily Discounted Right Now?

The pain relief experts at AmRelieve® are the brains behind SootheSocks™. After seeing loved ones struggle with pain for years, they want more people to get the relief they deserve.

When you consider the advanced breakthrough “Compression Zone Technology”... the podiatrist approved design… and how each pair is designed to last for YEARS…

Or how treating foot neuropathy pain can cost upwards of $10,000 a year…

It wouldn’t be shocking to see SootheSocks going for $50+ a pair…

That’s why I was floored when I saw SootheSocks are currently available with up to 62% off. Meaning you can get your own pairs for as little as $13.50 each (this promotion may expire at any time and is only available to readers of this page).

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Where Do I Get Authentic SootheSocks™?

The only place to get real SootheSocks™ is from their official website.

To secure your discount and authentic SootheSocks™ simply follow these 3 steps:

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Step 2: Wear one or both socks when you wake up like any other pair of socks to help switch off nerve pain, tingling, or numbness.

Step 3: Keep your SootheSocks™ on all day, with or without shoes. Go about your day as normal, walking, running, standing, or resting without your feet bothering you.


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