How My 72-Year-Old Mom Soothes Her Low Back, Shoulder, And Leg Troubles — Without Pills, Creams, Or Other Intrusive Methods

I couldn’t bear seeing her in so much pain.
At 72 years old, my mom has always been an active woman. She likes morning walks, seeing her friends, and even goes to pilates classes twice a week.
But a few months back, she started getting tight calf muscles and low back pain. At first, she chalked it up to aging. But it wasn’t long until the pain and stiffness got worse.
Eventually, it became unbearable. She began missing out on all the things she loved doing.
Each step sent shooting pain through her calves. She couldn’t even bend down to get pots and pans out of the cupboard to cook herself dinner.
It broke my heart seeing my strong, healthy mom fall apart and become frail.
After a few months, she was miserable. All she wanted to do was sleep, watch TV, and hide away from the world indoors.

We tried everything under the sun to get my mom moving again

Warming creams.
Uncomfortable stretches.
Pills and potions.
All they did was waste her money, cause more trouble, and leave her with a ton of side effects.
Her achy muscles affected everyone. Even her grandkids.
She used to love looking after my 2-year-old and 7-year-old. But with her constant aches, that was out of the question.

Massage was the only thing that helped my mom

A number of scientific studies show massage can soothe achy muscles and joints, while improving mobility.
But getting massages every day is impractical and expensive.
So we looked at massage guns.
But most customer reviews complained about how big and heavy they were — not ideal for my 72-year-old mom.
That was until a friend introduced me to something that finally helped my mom…

An Incredible New Compact Massage Therapy Gun To Soothe Muscle Aches And Tightness 

The health experts at AmRelieve® have created a breakthrough therapy gun with “Deep Oscillation Technology” — combining the power of vibration with a deep tissue massage.

Deep Oscillation Technology sends 53 vibrating pulses a second deep into tight muscles and knots. The combination of deep vibration waves and massage helped my mom alleviate tension and soothe her sore muscles fast.


The Exopulse™ has a compact and portable design. Which means you can take it wherever you go.

And because it fits perfectly in the palm of your hand, the device is easier to use than many bulkier models — especially on harder-to-reach parts of your body.

It was the perfect device for my mom to use. After just a few minutes of use, she was walking and moving like normal.

I’m glad to say that with daily use, she’s back to her strong, happy, and independent self again.

And it’s all thanks to The Exopulse.

The Exopulse™ is compact, virtually silent, and portable — but mighty effective on sore muscles

Don’t let the compact design fool you. The motor is expertly engineered to make  The ExoPulse™ more powerful and quiet than many devices 3 times the size.

Enjoy up to 4 hours of battery life with one charge, and choose from 4 different attachments for targeted relief all over the body.

Whether you want to safely release tension in your neck and shoulders. Or target knots deep in your glutes or thighs — there’s an attachment for the experience, problem, and intensity you desire.

With 4 intensity levels — you’re in control. Choose level 1 for tender areas or sensitive areas and build up as you feel confident.

Go all the way up to level 4 for maximum speed (3,200rpm) and muscle penetrating power to reach deep, stubborn knots.

How To Use The ExoPulse™ Therapy Gun

  • 1. Power Up

    Press and hold the power button for 3 seconds until the blue LED lights comes On.

  • 2. Choose The Perfect Attachment

    Select from 1 of 4 attachments designed specifically for the various parts of the body.

  • 3. Select The Speed & Intensity

    Press the Speed button 1-4 times to select the right speed for you so you get exactly the right type of massage.

  • 4. Start Your Soothing Massage

    Start off with gentle pressure and build up to a comfortable level. Use for 30 seconds to 2 minutes depending on the area.

The ExoPulse™ is perfect for athletes, office workers, seniors, people on their feet all day — and almost anyone with muscle aches and stiffness.


This Sounds Amazing, What’s The Cost?

Top-selling therapy guns can be in the $300+ price range. And most don’t match the speed, convenience, and power of The ExoPulse — or come with 4 adjustable heads.
And while the ExoPulse™ definitely packs the same level of power as the top brands - AmRelieve has decided to price it extremely competitively.
Each ExoPulse™ regularly costs $250.
But, since it’s just hitting the market - and because they know customers will be amazed as soon as they try it…
They’re offering an incredible 55% discount.
You can get your ExoPulse™ discount on this page right here.
And the device is fully backed by an iron-clad 90-day risk-free trial.
So you really aren’t taking any risks at all by trying it.


The ExoPulse™ has experienced a surge in demand since being featured on popular news outlets, such as Fox, CBS, and USA Today.

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