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How Patriots, Veterans, And Law Enforcement Officers Treat Bone-On-Bone Knee Pain - Recommended By Physical Therapists And Everyday Users Alike

Monday, January 2, 2023 / By Steve Davidson

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Do you feel like chronic knee pain is holding you back from living your best life? Do you wake up every morning with the burden of discomfort weighing you down, wondering if this is just how things will be from now on? 

These are feelings many patriots and veterans know too well. Years of physically demanding work takes its toll on your knees. And Police Officer Edward Lott was no exception. After years of service, he was cursed with grinding, agonizing bone-on-bone knee pain that made his life a misery. 

And after a horrifying fall that put his life in danger, a kind stranger showed him how to take control and say goodbye to knee pain once and for all. 

Now he wakes up every morning without the pain and stiffness that held him back for so long - and you too could experience the same. Don't let knee pain dictate your life any longer. 

This is Officer Lott’s story and what he did to end knee pain once and for all.

“My Bad Knees Almost Got Me Killed!”

Officer Edward Lott

I’ve worked as a police officer for over 30 years, and most days I’m driving around for 10+ hours. I’d been told to rest my sore knees, so I thought it was good that I spent most of my day driving around.


The truth is, there were days when I’d turn up to work ,and it already felt like my knees were grinding against each other. I’d think to myself, “how the heck am I going to run after the bad guys when I can hardly stand?”. Sometimes I’d take a wrong step and the sharp pain would cause me to visibly wince.

Anyway, a few months ago my day started out like any other. I hopped in my patrol car and not much was going on. But about 2 hours into my shift, I got a call about an armed robbery in progress.

“I Felt Old, Vulnerable, And Useless”

When I get home at the end of the day, the only thing I want to do is keep resting my achy knees.

But I’ve recently learned that it’s actually TOO MUCH REST that’s making your knee troubles worse. ESPECIALLY if you’re dealing with bone-on-bone knees.

I know it sounds strange because the first thing you’ll hear from friends and family is that if your knees are killing you, then you need to rest.

It wasn’t until I saw a video on Facebook with Dr. Chris Daily, a top doctor of physical therapy from South Carolina, that I learned how moving more could actually make my knees hurt less.

The video has now been shared and watched thousands of times, and once you see why, you’ll be as stunned as I was.

His Counterintuitive Advice Shocked Me

It turns out that your knees contain natural lubrication called synovial fluid. But when you’re dealing with grinding knee pain, your knees have dried up like a lake in a drought. And just like rubbing two, dry pieces of chalk together, your knees are grinding and crumbling against each other… which is causing the pain, swelling, and stiffness you feel. 

“Motion is lotion for your joints,” he said in the now viral video that’s been seen thousands of times. 

"The best way to soothe sore knees is to get moving - as I tell my patients “Motion Is Lotion”. When you’re up and moving, your blood is pumped to your knee where it helps soothe and rejuvenate the joint. On top of that, new synovial fluid is created by moving, which means your knee joints get the soothing, nourishing rush of liquid it needs to become healthier and pain-free.”

The thing is, this raises one question…

How The Heck Can You Keep Moving When Your Knees Are Killing You!

From now on, I will always wear a pair of these and keep a 2nd pair in my car just in case.

That’s the question I was asking myself. After all, I’m in constant pain, so the idea of walking around did not sound like much fun.

But that’s when I was completely stunned by what I saw next. The people in the video had solved their knee pain with a strange knee sleeve device!

It seemed impossible to think a knee sleeve would soothe sore, achy knees and years of bone-on-bone pain, but that’s exactly what they did.

The most shocking thing was that the people wearing them didn’t need to be up and walking at all! That’s because they are made with a special, snug-fitting compression fabric that actually gently massages your knee - even when you’re sitting still.

This means they’re pushing that important nutrient-rich blood into your knees even while you sit back and watch TV or read a book.

I immediately ordered myself a pair from their website right here.

Surprisingly, They Arrived At My Door In Just 3 days.

A 3-day delivery time is pretty impressive these days, so they were already starting out on the right foot.

I opened the box and slipped them on right away.

It took just a few seconds for me to feel the difference.

I could feel how well made they were and that the fabric was high quality. But what really felt great was that they soothed my knee and almost instantly reduced the swelling. And I loved the protection 2 flexible side bolsters gave my knee from things like twisting or overstretching. 

They didn’t squeeze my knees too much either. The best I can explain it was like a pair of soft hands gently massaging the pain out of my knees.

I kept the sleeves on for the rest of the evening, and when I woke up the next morning, my knees didn’t have that awful stiffness and sharp pain when I got out of bed.

But the real test was when I wore them into my shift the next day. I already loved how discreet and comfortable it was under my pants. And then I was BLOWN AWAY by how good my knees felt during the shift.

When I got home and relaxed, my knees didn’t have that throbbing, burning feeling that made me want to sit down all night.

I was sold, and I grabbed my computer and instantly ordered several more pairs.

So, I imagine just like me you’re curious about…

What Is The Ultra Knee Elite

The Ultra Knee Elite™ was created by a US-based team of doctors, physical therapists, and health experts.

It’s among the top recommended knee pain relief tools on the market. That’s because, for the first time, it combines the sturdiness of a knee brace, with the flexibility of a knee sleeve! That means you get all the support you need to soothe aching knees, but you can also get around freely like you used to.

With the Ultra Knee Elite, you can get moving again — to create more lubricating fluid in your joints, that soothes and restores them.

Why I Own Multiple Ultra Knee Elites’

This thing literally gave me my life back, and I can’t believe I didn’t know about it before.

It’s so simple to use

Step 1

Slip it over your bad knees with the massage ring over your kneecap.

Step 2

Walk around, bend down, climb stairs, and go about your day without pain or worry.

Step 3

Wear it daily to help rejuvenate your knees.

The Ultra Knee Elite helps you avoid

The Ultra Knee Elite Works For Virtually Any Knee

It helps anyone struggling with their knees, whether it’s crippling arthritis or old injuries coming back to haunt you.

It’s the only device designed specifically to combine the benefits of a medical knee brace, massage, and a knee compression sleeve — without a hefty price tag.

Lightweight and breathable, you can take it anywhere and wear it all day in total comfort.

Ultra Knee Elite™ Take Compression Technology To The Next Level With Their Premium Design

There are so many situations you’ll benefit from using The Ultra Knee Elite, including:

✔Walking and hiking

✔Bending down safely

✔Climbing stairs

✔Yard work


✔Playing golf

✔At work




✔And much more

By now, you might be wondering…

It Sounds Amazing, What Does It Cost?

The Ultra Knee Elite has easily saved me $10,000+ in knee surgery, physical therapy, and prescription pain pills. Just a medical knee brace would have set me back at least $500 or even $600

And even then, those devices are bulky, uncomfortable, and restrict movement. I didn’t know there was something that combines a knee brace with a soothing compression sleeve like The Ultra Knee Elite until my accident.

It normally retails for $77 + Shipping. When compared to the cost of surgery and living in pain… it was a no-brainer for me! Not to mention how horrible the side effects of pain medication are.

UPDATE: As of right now, The Ultra Knee Elite is up to 30% OFF. With this sale you can get The Ultra Knee Elite for as little as $49 each and FREE SHIPPING.

The freedom and pain relief on offer with The Ultra Knee Elite make it 100% worth it. Having a quick and effective way to soothe and support your knees gives you your freedom back. Perfect for keeping yourself safe, healthy, and active regardless of your age. And you’ll never have to ask yourself… will I be able to climb up those stairs? Will I be able to go to this event, or will it be too hard on my knees? Am I destined to become disabled?

Now you can have a total knee support system of your own!

$49 is an AMAZING deal knowing your knee troubles will be solved.

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  • 3 ACL replacements and a scope on the same knee and | swear bythese guys already. Just got mine in this weekend, went golfing and was like 🤔 very impressed. Not bad at all

  • Fredrick Scooter Dunbar

    3 ACL replacements and a scope on the same knee and | swear bythese guys already. Just got mine in this weekend, went golfing and was like 🤔 very impressed. Not bad at all

  • Holly Stafford

    Got some for the hubs and he was instantly thrilled!!! Real deal!

  • Dee Reimers Walter

    I really didn't think this would help. So | only ordered 1 it would have been cheaper to order 2.However it is amazing with bone on bone. Helps for sure!

  • Daniel Boberski

    Just got mine yesterday. 2 days of no pain, had fully torn meniscus surgery 2 years ago. Knee was getting bad again. So far so good. Able to walk the dog a few miles pain free.

  • J. Nathan Walker

    These are solid I've used them for trail runs on both knees which have meniscus and articular cartilage damage. They give my knees much needed stability and reduce pain when I run.

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I bought these for both of my parents that suffer from bad knee pain for a few years now. According to them, this knee sleeve has helped them so much that they feel better with each upcoming day. I am glad I found these sleeves for them and I highly recommend these to anyone with elderly parents. Thank you!

  • Beatrice

     - Saint Paul, MN

I had the unfortunate experience of being hit by a car (as a pedestrian) a week before the Open this year. I banged up my knee pretty well and scrambled to order this knee support to get my right knee through the open. I couldn't have done it without it! Great support for ANYTHING you do in CrossFit. I'm going to order a second one to keep my other knee in shape, too

  • Donovan

     - Federal Way, WA

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