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How This 75 Year Old World Champion “Race Walker” Keeps Moving Without Back Pain

*image credit: USA Today

At 75 years old, Darlene Backlund is a race walking world-record holder. With nearly 100 years on this planet she’s seen a lot of things come and go and she lets none of it slow her down. Her age didn’t slow her down. Covid didn’t slow her down. And there’s 1 more thing that can’t slow Darlene down…

And that’s back pain.

She racewalks an average of 5 miles per day and in 2021 she added 3 more medals to her overflowing trophy case. You’d think with that sort of strain on her back, she’d begin to wear down.

But that’s the thing - racewalkers know a thing or two about back pain, and if you’re suffering from sciatica, pinched nerves, or just sore back muscles there’s something you can do to put an end to it.

AmRelieve® is a pain relief start up company which specializes in creating cutting-edge pain relief solutions for seniors. Like Darlene, who refuses to slow down with age.

Now, their new breakthrough back support device is helping seniors soothe and protect their achy back in a unique way.

But first, let’s address the elephant in the room. Back support devices are bulky, sweaty, and uncomfortable. At least that was the case for most people - until now.

After consulting with dozens of leading scientists, pain specialists, and engineers, AmRelieve®’s new back soothing device is shaking up the industry.


Well, according to experts, this device works unlike any other because it was designed using both clinical experience with thousands of low back pain patients combined with evidence-based research.

The Result?

An ultra-thin, breathable back support device called, The Comfort Flex Lumbar Support™ — designed to soothe pain, protect the spine, and keep muscles warm.

The future of back support systems

“Tourmaline self-heating material” and strategically placed magnets redirect soothing heat back into the low back — increasing blood flow while keeping the muscles relaxed and supple. This could help users move without their back feeling stiff or seizing up.

Thanks to 3 points of protection, the back is kept safer, helping prevent further injuries from strains, overstretching, or twisting.

And there’s a specially engineered spinal insert designed to gently stretch the spine, relieving pressure and pain, fast.

In addition, you’re in full control of how much support you get. Simply use the 2 easy-access straps to tighten or loosen the belt in seconds.

Quick And Lasting Relief From Lower Back Pain

The Comfort Flex Lumbar Support is so much more than just a back belt or brace.

It uses cutting-edge technology to soothe and support lower back pain, scoliosis, herniated discs, and other back problems. 

The Comfort Flex Lumbar Support could help your back in three different ways:

1. Deep Heat: “Self-heating” pads channel soothing warmth deep into the lower back - to help melt pain away, keep your muscles warm, and improve circulation for better recovery.

2. Triple Support: A fully molded spinal plate supports your lower back and gently stretches the spinal discs - releasing pressure and pain, fast. While two-side bolsters support your muscles and protect your spine while bending over or twisting.

3. Molded fit: The fully adjustable design allows you to choose the perfect pressure and fit, without pinching or rubbing.

What’s really surprising is despite the near-instant relief and firm support - The device doesn’t restrict movement in any way. 

The Comfort Flex Lumbar Support is incredibly comfy and discreet.

You can wear it under your shirt all day long. Most people tell us they forget they’re even wearing it at all.

You also get 3 different insertable pads for a customizable experience.

One for hotter weather, one for colder weather, and the “self-heating pad”.

Compared to other alternatives out there, the price is incredible too.

Why Having This Lower Back Pain Device Could Change Your Life

Many users report the ComfortFlex Lumbar Support helps soothe their low back pain and stiffness, while giving them back their mobility.

Office work, manual labor, yard work, exercise, or simply moving without low back pain could all be possible again thanks to this incredible device.

Zero Risk Offer

AmRelieve are so confident that you’ll love the relief The Comfort Flex Lumbar support gives that they’re letting you try it risk-free.

“We want more people to see what this thing can do, so we’re willing to shoulder all the risk. Anyone can try this device out for 90-days and if they don’t love it, they get a full refund - no hassle or hoops to jump through”.

If you’re struggling with lower back pain and nothing seems to help, then you should check out this website. The Comfort Flex Lumbar Support is currently available with a HUGE discount and free shipping.

AmRelieve actually went viral on social media a couple of weeks ago, so there’s a real risk they could sell out!

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