How To Use A Massage Gun To Squeeze “Inflammation Cells” Out Of Muscles To Recover Twice As Fast And Soothe Pain

Getting a massage used to be a luxury. But according to Harvard University researchers, massage could be the key to faster injury recovery.

It’s a well-known fact that massage can soothe pain and improve mobility. And with massage guns exploding in popularity over the years, we wanted to know — are they worth it? Perhaps.

To understand why, we need to talk about inflammation.

Inflammation cells are like vandals. They sit inside sore and injured muscles, causing more damage and pain — while slowing down recovery.

The science is clear: If you want to speed up recovery, you need to reduce inflammation cells.

Thanks to a breakthrough Harvard study, massage guns could be the answer (but there is a catch that I’ll share in a moment). 

Massage guns ‘squeeze’ bad inflammation cells out of muscles…

Harvard researchers found that using the right massage gun could force inflammatory ‘gunk’ out of muscle cells. The result?

Recovery times could be cut in half and scar tissue dramatically reduced.

The catch is, the more force applied to the muscle, the better the recovery.

Unfortunately, most massage guns are underpowered and too bulky to hold properly — making them awkward to use and tricky to apply the perfect pressure.

Not only that, but many guns only come with 1 or 2 attachments. These attachments only suit a few areas of the body.

But now a group of pain specialists at a company called AmRelieve® are shaking up the massage gun industry.

Using cutting-edge technology and science, AmRelieve® created what many are calling “the perfect massage gun.”

It’s called The ExoPulse™ Therapy Gun. And physical therapists are stunned at how well it works.

This breakthrough massage gun could help people soothe pain and recover faster

One special advocate of The ExoPulse™ Therapy Gun is one of America's leading pain specialists and Doctor of Physical Therapy, X.

“I was in a devastating accident while serving in the Marines. It took dozens of surgeries and years of rehab to recover. I WISH The ExoPulse Therapy Gun was around then.”

AmRelieve® spent years refining the design. Getting input from experts and users to create the ultimate recovery solution.

“The ExoPulse Therapy Gun takes the same percussion power of professional quality percussion massage devices — and puts it all into a small, handheld device that works wonders on muscle discomfort anywhere on the body,” says X.

Why users say The ExoPulse™ Therapy Gun is 4x better than most other massage devices


The ExoPulse™ may just be the most powerful yet compact massage gun on the market.

And with 4 huge benefits virtually no other massage gun can offer, it’s clear to see why people love The ExoPulse™…

4X power settings - it may be compact, but The ExoPulse™ is more powerful than any massage gun we’ve tested. Choose the perfect amount of pressure to suit your body and build up over time.

4X attachments - enjoy double the attachments most brands give, so you can soothe and repair all areas of your body.

4X smaller design - Hold and use the massage gun anywhere you can reach, even if you have small hands.

4X hour battery life - spend less time charging and more time soothing your aches.

Plus every purchase is covered by an iron-clad 90-day money-back guarantee — so there’s zero risk!

How To Use The ExoPulse™ Therapy Gun

1. Press and hold the power button for 3 seconds until the blue LED lights come On.

2. Select from 1 of 4 attachments designed specifically for the various parts of the body.

3. Press the Speed button 1-4 times to select your level of strength so you get exactly the right type of massage.

The ExoPulse™ packs a high degree of quality and precision into a device that you can really get a grip on.

And while it might seem small, the reviews on it have been incredible.

Helpful Hint: Did you know a self massage first thing in the morning can boost your energy? Try gently massaging larger muscles when you get out of bed to loosen up the body.

This Sounds Amazing, What’s The Cost?

Many of the top selling Therapy guns come with a hefty price tag.

In fact, most can be in the $300+ price range.

And while the ExoPulse ™ definitely packs the same if not higher, levels power as the top brands - AmRelieve has decided to price it extremely competitively.

Each ExoPulse™ regularly costs $250.

But, since it’s just hitting the market - and because they know customers will be amazed as soon as they try it…

They’re offering an incredible 55% discount.

You can get your ExoPulse™ discount on this page right here.

And the device is fully backed by an iron-clad 90-day risk-free trial.

So you really aren’t taking any risks at all by trying it.


The ExoPulse™ has experienced a surge in demand since being featured on popular news outlets, such as Fox, CBS, and USA Today.

Stock is running dangerously low. Tap the button below to claim your discount and check availability now!

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