Is Knee Surgery The Only Choice For Bone On Bone Knees? Here's A Breakthrough Alternative Thousands Of Seniors Swear By

The Reality Of Aging Knees:

⇨ What’s the #1 cause of knee pain and stiffness?

⇨ Can knee surgery be avoided (even if you have bone-on-bone)?

⇨ The joint nutrient secret scientists say could “end” knee pain.

⇨ Get the movement of a strong healthy knee (and grease your joints).

If you want to know how to stop bone-on-bone pain in your joints…

Pay attention to the image below!

See the white, rubbery “cushion” in between the knee joints?

That’s your cartilage.

Normally, it’s strong and durable.

And it stops your bones from “grinding” against each other.

And it “cushions” the impact when you walk

But there’s something that causes your cartilage to crumble away

Kind of like the image below:

See how the cartilage is cracking away like old, dry paint?

When that happens, the bone underneath gets exposed…

And that’s when bone-on-bone pain starts!

So what causes cartilage to melt away?

Many experts now agree, the #1 cause is not wear-and-tear (i.e. it’s NOT because of overuse)...

But it’s because of inflammatory factors!

See, inflammation melts away your cartilage - like fire to candle wax.

This exposes the bone underneath…

And well…

You’ve experienced the pain already, first-hand.

That’s why at AmRelieve…

We’ve made it our mission to fight back against inflammation and cartilage-loss

Exercising is one part of it, which you can do with the Ultra Knee Elite.

But the other part of this equation is two-fold:

#1. You MUST rebuild that cartilage (with the right nutrients, it’s possible).

#2. You MUST reduce inflammation in your body - otherwise rebuilding the cartilage is pointless, since it will melt away again anyway.

The answer?

An all-in-one solution that helps provide the building blocks for cartilage…

AND reduces inflammation at the same time!

Introducing TriForce: the all-in-one solution for cartilage-rebuilding and fighting inflammation!

(Works for every joint in your body, including your knees, back, feet, and anywhere else!)

TriForce is doctor formulated to contain 6 powerful, but natural ingredients.

These ingredients combine to not only help rebuild cartilage (the cushion for your joints)...

It also has natural compounds that reduce inflammation too!

Remember, it’s no use doing one without the other. You need BOTH.

That’s why TriForce contains two powerful Cartilage Rebuilders:

  • C1 Digestive Collagen - ‍Repairs the cushion of cartilage between joints to eliminate bone-on-bone grinding pain
  • Boswellia - Speeds up joint repair by boosting collagen production. Plus, it neutralizes acids and inflammation in the body
And four, fast-Acting Inflammation Fighters!
  • FruiteX-B - ‍Proven in 12 clinical studies to reduce inflammation and the sensation of pain in 7-14 days
  • Selenium - ‍A powerful antioxidant that protects joint tissues from damage and reduces overall inflammation
  • Turmeric - Mother Nature's #1 anti inflammatory. Perfect for stiffness and swelling
  • Ginger - ‍‍A natural pain soother that breaks down inflammation inside the joint

Best of all, clinical studies show these ingredients are safe to use with little to no side effects!

Now, studies show you want to take these powerful ingredients inside TriForce for at least 8 to 12 weeks.

So if you want the best results…

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