If your knees "pop" when bending, here's what that means...

It's called cartilage separation, and you should do this immediately!

Do your knees crack or pop when you stand or bend?

If so, you may be experiencing "cartilage separation."

Normally, cartilage should be cushioning your knees - like a soft, rubber coating that absorbs impact.

But certain factors (like inflammation) can cause cartilage to break down

Which means that cartilage begins to separate from your knee joints (bones).

And as the "broken cartilage" floats around inside your knee joints - it can cause popping or cracking noises!

(Not to mention, it can cause bone-on-bone pain as well).

So what's the solution?

First of all, I'd recommend avoiding the inflammatory food groups we often mention (refined foods, refined grains, sugars etc.).

Some common inflammation-causing foods include:

- Refined vegetable oils: canola, corn, sunflower, safflower
- Refined grains: highly processed foods made with white flour, including breads and pastries
- Fried foods: fast food and deep-fried foods like french fries and cheese sticks
- Sugar: candy, processed foods, soft drinks, and high-sugar beverages
- Saturated fats: cured and processed meats, red meat, margarine, lard, and shortening

At the very least, aim to minimize these, as inflammation breaks down cartilage!

Next, make sure you continue to stay active - as exercise will help support the synovial fluid inside your knee joints (which then reduces pain and helps your knees heal).

For injuries or immediate pain-relief, you may want to use an ice pack as well (as this reduces the swelling).

Hope this helps!

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