Neuropathy “Walking Socks”: How To Walk Without Foot Pain

Did you know walking with socks can help reduce foot pain…

While also helping you manage foot neuropathy?

A new study published in the prestigious journal, Diabetes Care has discovered…

You can easily lower your 24-hour blood glucose levels just by going for a brief 15 minute walk…

And that SHORT, frequent sessions are more effective than one LONG walking session!
Meaning, less is more.

And as you may know, neuropathic pain often goes hand-in-hand with high blood sugar.

Because sugar thickens your blood flow, starving your nerves from the nutrition and oxygen they need.

But this study shows, a short 15 minute walk is enough to significantly lower your blood glucose levels throughout the day.

You don't have to start by walking after EVERY meal (that could be tough)...

Because research shows just walking for 15 minutes after dinner is very effective for lowering blood glucose!

But what if your feet hurt right now and you can't walk without pain?

Then make sure to start your 15 minute post-dinner walks while wearing the SootheSocks! 

The SootheSocks relieves foot pain by providing stimulation to the 5 compression zones.

Each compression section provides a different level of tightness, which creates a massaging motion while you're wearing them..

As a result, it increases blood flow -- which is vital for nerve-recovery and pain relief!

So instead of being a sluggish stream…

It turns your blood flow into a raging river, giving life-giving blood, nutrients and oxygen…

Which ultimately speeds up recovery, reduces pain and lets you enjoy your golden years!

Many folks also report getting better sleep after being more active during the day with less foot and leg pain.

It's similar to how massaging or putting a cold pack on your feet can reduce the pain!

However, regular use during the summer means you may need to wash your SootheSocks frequently.

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Thousands Of Others Just Like You Have Gotten Foot Pain Relief With The SootheSocks!

I have been suffering from foot neuropathy ever since I had my 3rd son. I went to the doctor about it and he basically just told me to take Ibuprofen and ice them. This wasn't really doing anything as far as relief so I've been basically limping around all year. These socks gave instant relief as soon as I pulled them over my feet!

  • Caroline

    - Chula Vista, CA

So glad I chose these!

I have now purchased 2 pairs of these compression socks and love them. I had ankle replacement surgery in late June and began using the socks to provide comfort and swelling control when I began weight bearing again late August. They provide just the right amount of support, are light weight, and are not irritating to the skin like heavier elastic socks.

  • Mike

    - Syracuse, NY

I am a Physical Therapist Assistant, so I had already tried exercises, orthotics, stretching, icing and even got a cortisone shot to my heel. I have only had these socks for 2 weeks, but have seen improvement already. I also have neuropathy in my feet, so my toes are happy with the open toe design. So far these socks are amazing!

  • Andrew

    - Saint Paul, MN

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