The Hidden Truths Knee Surgeons (And Doctors) Never Tell You About Surgery

Thinking about knee surgery?

You're not alone.

750,000+ people get knee surgery every year...

But did you know there are hidden truths that hardly anyone (even doctors) will tell you?

More and more research is suggesting that arthroscopic knee surgery is not the life-changing procedure that doctors have advertised.

Pain Relief Is NOT Guaranteed After Getting Surgery

There have been several research studies done on knee arthroscopy, and almost all of them have had the same result:

It has no definite positive outcome.

A study published in the National Library of Medicine found no significant difference in pain levels between those who had received knee arthroscopy and those who used other methods for pain management.

Risks of Knee Arthroscopy:

Bleeding, Pain, Infection And More...

Risks include:

  • Greater chance of needing a total knee replacement;
  • Greater risk of developing advanced osteoarthritis;
  • Typical surgical risks, like bleeding, pain, and infection;
  • A long recovery period, lasting weeks, months, or potentially years;

What's more, Dr. Joseph Bernstein, MD - an Ivy League doctor from the University of Pennsylvania discovered...

1 out of 200 people die within 90 days of getting knee surgery!

This is a study you can easily find on the National Institute's of Health website.

Yet hardly anyone talks about it.

Sure, surgery CAN go well for some folks.

But if you’re one of the unlucky ones…

YOU’RE the one who has to live with the consequences - not your surgeon or doctor.

And seeing how you’re the one taking all the risk (both to your health and finances)...

You should know these hidden truths most doctors won't tell you about knee surgery.

Is it possible to avoid or dramatically delay knee surgery, without resorting to unnatural methods?

The fact of the matter is, some people may eventually need surgery.

But a growing number of people are using a natural knee breakthrough to delay or outright avoid surgery altogether.

Take a look below!

How Greg Avoided Knee Surgery Completely With The Ultra Knee Elites

Not too long ago, even going up a flight of stairs felt like climbing Mt. Everest for Greg.

It felt like someone had poured hot sand inside his knees and was grinding "bone-on-bone" against each other.

And ultimately, his doctor kept pushing him toward surgery.

But luckily, it didn't have to come to that!

Here's what Greg wrote in:

My doctors were steadily trying to push me into obtaining a knee replacement... But with the Ultra Knee Elite, it gives me so much comfort and relief from pain... And actually enables me to walk at my natural stride. And I'm 71 years old... So, for me to have this relief - it's really, really something."

  • Greg

    - Chula Vista, CA

But it's not just Greg who's gotten new knees...

Thousands of folks today love their Ultra Knee Elite for the new lease it's gotten them on life!

"I started noticing pain in my knees in my early 40’s. I work construction and I rely on my body to support my family. I can’t afford to take a day off. I needed a knee sleeve that was ready to work as hard as I do, so I bought the most robust sleeve I could find. The Ultra Knee Elite has totally transformed my workday. I went from always needing a break to working circles around the young bucks on the crew."

  • Andrew

    - Saracuse, NY

"My old coworker’s knees were so bad he had to quit his passion of being a mechanic for 30+ years, and last I heard he works at the parts store up the road for almost minimum wage. He always told me I need to take better care of my knees. The day he quit I bought these sleeves. I’m so happy I started when I did because I don’t know what I’d do if I could no longer do what I love."

  • Doug

    - Villas, NJ

The Ultra Knee Elite™ combines the support of a knee brace with the flexibility of a knee sleeve. But AmRelieve® has taken things several steps further.

By adding 2 side bolsters, the knee is secure and protected from twisting, buckling, or overstretching.

A cutting-edge knee ring and acupressure pad actually massage the knee every time you move.

A study from university scientists showed massaging sore knees can significantly reduce pain and improve mobility.

Plus, the snug compression material used in the Ultra Knee Elite™ provides a gentle warming sensation that can help melt knee pain away fast.

The Ultra Knee Elite™ is discreet and comfy, so it can be worn all day under clothing without anyone noticing.  

It’s easy to see why AmRelieve® has over 93,000 happy Ultra Knee Elite ™ customers.

And because AmRelieve® is committed to helping people in pain, they’ve made it affordable for everyone.

For a limited time only, AmRelieve® has slashed the price of the patented Ultra Knee Elite Compression Sleeve by up to 73%.

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Get Relief And Support For Worn Out Knees Today

Using The Ultra Knee Elite™ couldn’t be easier.

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Step 3: Wear your Ultra Knee Elite ™ all day for lasting relief, support, and improved recovery. It’s so comfy, you may just forget you’re wearing it.

Helpful Hint: If someone you know or love is suffering from knee troubles, you can give them this as a gift they’re sure to love — the gift of relief, mobility, and freedom.

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