Top Doctor: Seniors Experiencing Pain And Restless Night’s Need To Know About This “Biblical Plant”

As many as 85% of all seniors deal with daily aches and pain. And 8 in 10 people who experience pain also struggle to sleep.

They spend all night laid up, tossing and turning, desperately trying to find a comfortable position. And when you add in stress, worry, or anxiety — a good night’s sleep can feel impossible.

I should know because at 68 years old, I’ve been dealing with my fair share of joint issues that stopped me sleeping. I’d get shooting pains in my hips at night. And my low back always feels stiff and achy, no matter what position I try to sleep in.

And after my husband's health took a turn for the worse a few months ago, I was so worried and sore. I hardly slept at all.

I tried painkillers and sleeping pills for a while. But they made me feel groggy and zonked out. And then I discovered those medications come with a laundry list of side effects. For example, they strain your vital organs, and can even be dangerously addicting.

Is There Anything You Can Do About Pain And Sleep?

Most experts will tell you there’s not much you can do to get rid of pain and have a good night’s sleep, other than pop more pills. That’s what I was told by all the doctors we visited.

But if you’ve been in agony and you can’t get a wink of sleep, then hearing “there’s nothing you can do” can be demoralizing.

Especially if you’re like most people experiencing pain, and you’ve already tried everything. Pills, creams, and exercises that only seem to make things worse.

But there is good news. Because exciting new studies show there’s an ancient plant that may be as effective as painkillers — without the side effects. It’s also been scientifically shown to help improve sleep and reduce stress.

Now, when I tell you about this plant, you might roll your eyes. I know I did the first time someone mentioned it. But the science is clear, this plant works. And it’s been used by humans for thousands of years. In fact, many scholars say there are countless references to this incredible herb in the Bible.

So what is this Biblical herb?

Cannabis. I always thought cannabis was a dangerous drug, but I was so wrong. Because modern science has found a way to remove all the psychoactive and mind-altering parts of cannabis — leaving behind a safe, legal, and powerful compound that benefits the body and mind.

This safe compound is called CBD. Perhaps you’ve heard of it before?

CBD has been clinically shown to BOTH erase pain, calm your brain, and help promote restful, deep sleep. God clearly put this miraculous plant on Earth for a reason. But the one problem is, CBD tastes rancid. The first time I tried it, it was like eating dirt.

Thankfully, there’s a new CBD solution taking the world by storm.

Pain specialists everywhere are telling their patients to ditch their chemical-laden pills and creams — and instead use this one special type of CBD.

It was formulated by a trusted team of pain management experts and doctors. The company is called AmRelieve and what they’ve done is remarkable.

They blended CBD with a deliciously fruity gummy. Which means erasing your pain is as simple as enjoying a low-sugar, mouth-watering piece of candy.

Thousands of seniors who were desperate to escape their pain and enjoy a restful night's sleep have put aside their prejudice — and are enjoying all the health benefits of CBD.

It’s called TriSoothe™, and I first heard about it from one of my friends. I thought it sounded too good to be true. But I decided to give it a try anyway.

My experience with TriSoothe…

When my TriSoothe arrived, I was surprised by how well it was packaged.

But when I open the tub and looked at the gummy I felt silly. I thought “How on earth is a piece of candy going to do anything”. I felt like I’d been scammed, but I decided to give it a try anyway.

I took my first gummy about 30 minutes before bed. And I’m not ashamed to admit I almost cried.

For the first time in years, I had no pain in my hips or back. And my mind felt calm. I wasn’t high, numbed, or zonked out. I just felt relaxed. That night I slept like a baby and woke up with a big grin on my face, instead of feeling groggy.

Update: I’ve been using TriSoothe for 7 weeks now, and I swear by the stuff. My pain is fully under control, I sleep great most nights, and I have so much more energy. I feel healthy and alive!

How TriSoothe is helping thousands of people “switch off” their stress, worry, and pain

People everywhere are ditching their medication and choosing TriSoothe™ for a calmer mind and lasting relief.

TriSoothe contains a safe, legal, and effective dose of CBD, designed especially for seniors.

Thanks to cutting-edge formulation, the natural CBD in TriSoothe is highly absorbable. In fact, the CBD is absorbed in 2 ways. First, in your mouth when you chew it, and then via your digestive system. This dual action ensures you get a safe and effective dose of CBD every time.

The CBD then works by blocking pain signals in your body — meaning your brain never gets the message that it should be feeling pain.

How To Get The Most Out Of TriSoothe™

1. Start off with 1 gummy a day, before bed to relieve pain anywhere that feels stiff or sore, such as your knuckles, neck, low back, or knees

2. Within 20 minutes, you should notice your pain begin to melt away while experiencing a calmer mind.

3. TriSoothe™ comes in a discreet and small bottle, so I keep a tub in my nightstand, car, and handbag.

This really is one the most effective types of CBD available right now. You can take it day or night, and it will never make you feel high or anything like that. Which may sound hard to believe...

In fact, we were skeptical at first - until I saw all the glowing 5-star reviews and tried it out for ourselves.

Helpful Hint: Did you know self-massage can help soothe pain?

Try carefully massaging painful areas after you take TriSoothe™ for extra relief.

The Verdit? 93,000 5-star reviews say TriSoothe™ is amazing…

“I took the gummies in the mornings and evening, and I feel great. I can sleep well too!”

  • Debbie F.

    - Jacksonville, FL

“I have had joint pain for years especially if I don't eat right. TriSoothe helps me back on track.”

  •  Margaret L.

    - Lexington, KY

“TriSoothe has a calming effect and also tastes delicious. Must try!”

  • Andrew S.

    - Chula Vista, CA


This Sounds Amazing, What’s The Cost?

Painkillers don’t just cost thousands each year, they cost you your health too.

And while you may be tempted to try other CBD brands — they can cost anywhere from $4 to $10 a day.

Which means a one-month supply could cost $300+. And despite the hefty price tag - there’s a real risk you’ll get an underdosed or dangerous version of CBD.

With TriSoothe you won’t have to worry about any of that. Because right now the makers of TriSoothe are offering new customers an incredible 43% discount

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The best part?

You can try out TriSoothe for 90-days 100% risk-free

If you don’t love the calmness and soothing effects — you get every cent you paid back.

No questions asked.


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