I Recently Discovered The Science Behind CBD And How To Use It To Get Real Relief From Pain

On a cold winter's evening, three scientists, a physician, and a Harvard educator huddled around a fire. 

It was 2011 in the foothills of San Fransisco.

And they had no idea their discussion would shape the future of pain relief for millions of people. 

You see, these experts were talking about CBD.

More importantly — how CBD could be used to relieve pain and inflammation.

Fast forward to today, and CBD is one of the most important discoveries of our generation.

It’s helping millions soothe pain without harmful drugs. 

And chances are, you’ve likely come across CBD before too. 

But you may have been left wondering…

How Does CBD Actually Work?

Scientists discovered our bodies have receptors called CB1 and CB2.

In simple terms, these are like “triggers” that detect if CBD is present in your body.

When these CBD receptors get triggered, it results in complex natural reactions inside the body.

Specifically, when CB2 receptors are triggered, it can reduce your body’s inflammatory response.

This explains why CBD has been found to reduce pain and inflammation.

As you’ll see in a minute, CBD can be life-changing. 

But not all CBD is created equal.

What To Look Out For When Buying CBD

The CBD market is like the wild west. Which means there are a few key things to look out for.

Read this list carefully to avoid getting scammed or putting your health on the line:

  • A common mistake people make is they get pure hemp oil containing no CBD (this does nothing)
  • Watch out for low-quality extracts, which are used in popular products on Amazon (they’re cheap, that’s why they’re popular)
  • Always buy CBD endorsed by a reputable doctor or professional (they’re unlikely to associate their name with something shady)
  • Avoid oils! They’re messy and taste disgusting (if you’re going to be taking CBD regularly, you don’t want it to taste bad!)
  • Never buy CBD Capsules either. Studies show they have terrible absorption (which means you get little-to-no CBD benefits) 

One company creating CBD solutions that tick all the RIGHT boxes is AmRelieve®.

People everywhere are going crazy for their latest CBD solution — TriSoothe™ CBD Gummies.

What Is It?

Relief from occasional aches and pains has never tasted this good!

TriSoothe™ CBD Gummies put all the health benefits of CBD into delicious gummies.

What Makes TriSoothe™ So Popular?






Fruit Flavor







30mg CBD

Easily Absorbed

Delicious Fruit Flavor

On-the-go Relief

30 Gummies

Fat-free Formula

You get to enjoy all the benefits of CBD with a mouthwatering fruity flavor. 

Which means no need to consume nasty-tasting oils.

And TriSoothe™ CBD Gummies are formulated for maximum absorption… 

Making them superior in every way when compared to capsules.

TriSoothe™ CBD gummies are convenient, travel-friendly, and long-lasting (with each gummy giving up to 6 hours of relief)

In my opinion, these gummies are one of the best ways to take CBD. 

Is There Science To Back Up TriSoothe™ CBD Gummies?

There’s a mountain of evidence showing CBD could reduce many types of pain.

  • A 2017 review found CBD helped with chronic neuropathy pain in humans. The researchers looked at 11 randomized controlled trials with 1,219 patients.
  • A 2016 study in the European Journal of Pain used an animal model to see if CBD could help people with arthritis manage their pain. Researchers noted a significant drop in inflammation and signs of pain, without additional side effects.
  • A 2020 review reports that CBD could have benefits for relieving chronic pain, improving sleep, and reducing inflammation in many people.

More Reasons Why People Love TriSoothe™ CBD Gummies

  • Soothing Relief

    Infused with 30mg of pure CBD, these delicious gummies could help relieve occasional aches and pains.

  • Mouthwatering Fruity Taste

    No need to mess around with gross CBD oils, sticky patches, or large capsules… enjoy a refreshing fruity taste instead.

  • May Support Brain Health

    CBD may improve cognitive function and memory for a sharper brain (and fewer senior moments!)

  • May Support Mood

    Studies suggest CBD can have calming and anti-stress properties — which could be great news for people experiencing racing thoughts or worry.

  • May Support Sleep

    Studies show CBD may help many people experience better, more restful sleep at night.

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I took the gummies in the mornings and evening and I feel great and I can sleep well too!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is CBD safe and legal?

Yes! CBD contains no psychoactive, illegal, or addictive compounds. It’s a natural plant extract that’s been used for thousands of years by cultures around the world. Science has only recently caught up with the incredible health benefits it has.

However, as with any health supplement, we recommend you consult with your doctor or a health expert before taking any health supplement. If you want to be cautious, try half a gummy a day to start with.

What can I use CBD Gummies for?

CBD Gummies are incredibly versatile. Use them for natural, lasting relief from discomfort and to support your health, energy, and vitality. 

You can use CBD Gummies for more pep in your step in the morning, as a pick me up in the afternoon, or to help you unwind in the evening. With CBD Gummies, you’re in control!

Will CBD Gummies make me high or sleepy?

There is no THC in CBD gummies whatsoever. (THC is the psychoactive compound that causes a ‘cannabis high’ and drowsiness). Most users report a sense of natural calm without feeling sedated in any way.

However, everyone is unique and has a different experience. We encourage you to start with half a gummy a day for the first few days to see how you respond.

How many MG of CBD does each gummy contain?

Each gummy has an effective dose of 30mg of CBD.

How many CBD gummies can I take a day?

We recommend taking one gummy a day, unless otherwise directed by a qualified healthcare professional.

How long do the effects last?

Most people enjoy the soothing benefits of CBD Gummies for 4 to 6 hours.

How long until I feel the benefits?

There are many factors that influence how long until CBD Gummies kick in, including weight, age, how much you’ve eaten, and more.

As a rule of thumb, you can expect your CBD Gummies to kick in within 30 minutes, though in some people it takes longer..

What does TriSoothe™ CBD Gummies taste like?

Each gummy has a refreshing fruity flavor and pleasantly chewy texture you’ll love (if you don’t, you get your money back)!

How much is shipping?

Shipping is 100% free on this page to the U.S, Canada, Australia, and the UK.

Is there a guarantee?

Yes! If you’re dissatisfied in any way, simply reach out to us at support@amrelieve.com for a FULL refund.

No hassle, tricks, or hoops to jump through.

If you don’t love TriSoothe™ CBD Gummies, we don’t deserve your money - simple as that!

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