Introducing The NEW ComfortFlex™ LITE Lumbar Support Belt

Supreme Comfort And Flexibility Combined With Superior Back Support

  • The ComfortFlex™ LITE was designed specifically for people who love the strength and support of our original ComfortFlex design, but want more flexibility for an active lifestyle.
  • That’s why the ComfortFlex™ LITE was born. It’s designed to be worn while you move, instead of just sitting at home. Many other back braces are bulky, rigid and don’t allow for much flexibility.
  • And most of the alternative back “wraps” that give you flexibility, unfortunately don’t provide any support. It’s the ultimate catch 22 where you’d have to choose between flexibility and comfort or stability and rigidity.
  • But that’s what makes the ComfortFlex™ LITE so different. It’s finally taken the best of both worlds to give you full back and spinal support, while also being able to get around like you used to.
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Active Lifestyle? Here’s Why You’ll
LOVE The ComfortFlex™ LITE

The ComfortFlex™ Gives Your Superior Back Support With Extreme
Flexibility So You Can Keep Moving Without Back Pain

  • 4 Easy-Adjust Straps

    Tighten or loosen support based on your needs

  • 5 Spinal Support Strips

    Get progressively more firm towards the spine giving you freedom to move while still providing support

  • 360 Degree Stereo Traction Design

    For complete torso support

  • Breathable Mesh Material

    Prevents sweating and keeps odors from building up

  • Lightweight & Discreet Design

    Meant to go where you go, it can be worn under any clothing and no one will know it’s on.

  • 3 Replaceable Pads

    Allows you to choose your level of support. Choose between breathable, warm or heating

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Free Yourself From Crippling Back Pain
And Get Back To Life On Your Terms!

  • Firm Support With Extreme FlexibilityI

    Get the best of both worlds. Keep your active lifestyle and get the support you need

  • Ultra-Slim & Discreet Design

    Designed to be worn under any clothes with a slim yet sturdy construction.

  • Promote Spinal Alignment

    The 5 Spinal Support Strips get more firm the closer they are to the spine, allowing for spinal support but the ability to bend, twist and move as you need.

  • Improve Posture For Less Pain

    Adjustable side straps let you tighten the belt to your torso size and improve posture throughout the day.

  • Firm Support & Flexibility

    You’ll still be able to move as The ComfortFlex™ LITE supports your back, but is also ultra flexible.

The ComfortFlex™ Lumbar Support Belt Is Perfect For:

  • Runners

  • Cyclists

  • Doctors

  • Hikers

  • Nurses

  • Seniors

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Guaranteed to Fit Any Waist or
Your Money Back -
No Questions Asked!

The highly flexible and adaptable fabric fits both the largest and smallest Waists guaranteed.

Protected By
90 Days Money Back

If you are not 100% satisfied with the ComfortFlex Lumbar Support Belt and the service we offer - you are protected by our 90-day guarantee on all purchases. Should you have any problem at all then e-mail us at for a fast response and no questions asked exchange or refund.

The ComfortFlex™ Lumbar Support Belt
How It Works

3 Support pads

The ComfortFlex™ comes with 3 different inserts so you can customize your experience. Choose from breathable, warm, or self-heating support.

Triple Support

Designed with triple support that combines a molded spinal plate with 2 side bolsters to secure the lower back in a safe and natural position.

Adjustable straps

With adjustable straps that wrap in the front for easy tightening and to give the exact level of support compression you need

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The ComfortFlex™ Lumbar Support Belt
Frequently Asked Questions

Will This Help With My Posture?

It can, over time. It forces you to keep your posture upright instead of having a lazy slouch. It will take some getting used to at first, but over time you'll notice your posture improves even when not wearing the ComfortFlex.

Can you wear this in the gym?

You could, but it won't be a comfortable experience. Back exercises are great for improving your strength, and the ComfortFlex is great to wear when you're not working out so your muscles are supported. If you've got back pain then speak to your physician first before performing exercise.

What if it doesn't fit me?

The ComfortFlex comes with adjustable straps that should make it easy to fit for any waist size. But, if the ComfortFlex just doesn't feel comfortable for you, you can always contact us directly for a full, no questions asked refund within 90 days.

Will This Help With A Hunched Back?

The ComfortFlex can help with a hunched back. By pulling your shoulders back and straightening your spine and back, the brace assists your body to have a more natural posture.

Can it be worn under clothes?

Yes! The ComfortFlex is designed with ultra thin and breathable material so you can have it on no matter where you go and no one will notice.

Where can I buy this in person?

Currently we sell our product exclusively online.

How long does delivery take?

Delivery takes 3-7 days to the USA, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia.

What happens if this doesn't help me?

We offer a 90 day satisfaction guarantee policy. If for any reason you are not completely happy with your purchase, just call or email us at for a no-questions-asked exchange or refund.

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