Navigating Thanksgiving Leftovers with Neuropathy: Eat This, Not That!

Navigating Thanksgiving Leftovers with Neuropathy: Eat This, Not That!

The day after Thanksgiving often brings a fridge full of leftovers, but if you’re managing neuropathy pain, you might need to think twice before diving in!

Certain traditional dishes can aggravate your symptoms, while others can actually help alleviate the burning, tingling, and numbness. 

Today we’re going to explore which Thanksgiving leftovers to savor and which to steer clear of for neuropathy relief…

Leftovers to Limit for Neuropathy Pain

Some holiday favorites might worsen neuropathic foot pain. Here's what you might want to pass on:

  • Rich, Creamy Casseroles: Heavy on dairy and often made with refined flours, these can increase inflammation.
  • Sweet Treats: Pies and cookies with high sugar content can spike your glucose levels, potentially aggravating neuropathy.
  • Fried and Fatty Foods: Leftover fried appetizers or dishes rich in saturated fats can contribute to inflammatory pain.

Thanksgiving Leftovers to Love

Thankfully, plenty of Thanksgiving staples can support your nerve health. Fill your plate with:

  • Turkey: Rich in B vitamins, lean turkey can support nerve repair. Just be mindful of your portion size.
  • Roasted Veggies: Leftover roasted non-starchy vegetables like Brussels sprouts and carrots are packed with antioxidants.
  • Cranberries: Enjoy cranberry sauce in moderation for a sweet, antioxidant boost.

Surprising Neuropathy Triggers in Holiday Dishes

Some dishes you might not suspect could be contributing to neuropathic pain:

  • Gravy: Often made with flour and high in fats, gravy can be inflammatory.
  • Alcohol-Infused Desserts: The alcohol content, even if cooked off, can deplete essential nerve-supporting vitamins.
  • Stuffing: Typically made with white bread, which lacks the B vitamins your nerves need.

Smart Swaps for a Neuropathy-Friendly Thanksgiving

Transforming your leftovers into neuropathy-conscious meals is all about smart swaps:

  • Go for Whole Grains: If your stuffing is made with whole grains, it’s a better option for nerve health.
  • Choose the Right Sides: Opt for sides rich in vegetables and healthy fats, like a green bean almondine or a kale salad.
  • Modify Desserts: Try making a fruit salad with leftover cranberries and other fresh fruits instead of reaching for the pie.


Navigating Thanksgiving leftovers with neuropathy doesn't mean you have to miss out on all the festive flavors. By being selective about what goes back on your plate, you can enjoy the holiday bounty without exacerbating neuropathic foot pain. 

Choose leftovers that nurture your nerves and skip the ones that might cause more harm than good. This way, you can give thanks for a delicious holiday and a comfortable, pain-free post-holiday experience!

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