Is there proof that losing weight helps reduce knee pain?

Is there proof that losing weight helps reduce knee pain?

Can losing weight really help reduce knee pain?


If you ask your doctor, almost all of them will say yes.


The reason being, less weight means less pressure on your joints (including your knees)...

And generally, losing weight also usually results in less inflammation too.


But is there proof that it really helps reduce bone-on-bone pain?


To answer this question, we sought out advice from other users on the internet.


In today’s article, you’ll discover:


- How losing weight helped one user avoid knee surgery completely


- How to reduce the load on your knees by 400% - this relieves the pressure and makes that bone-on-bone knee pain disappear


- 5 types of workouts that don’t strain or hurt your knees


“Has Losing Weight Helped Reduce Your Knee Pain?”

Here’s what others have reported on how losing weight has affected their knee pain:


“I have osteoarthritis in both of my knees, my right knee being the worst. I also have some problems with my feet and ankles. My pain has decreased significantly since I've lost weight and as a result, my mobility has improved. When I first started my weight loss effort back in January of 2012, I could barely hobble down to the end of my driveway. Now, I can, on a good day, walk a mile. I can also go grocery shopping now without using one of those electric carts. I can go shopping in the mall.”


Another user says running made their knees worse - but running AFTER losing weight was fine:


“My knees got better as I lost the weight. Then they got worse again when I started running. Then they got better again as the weight continued to come off and I kept running. Very strange. But I do watch them to make sure I rest them when they hurt.”


Surprisingly, one user says that losing weight made the pain go away for good:


“My left knee was horrible. I had bursitis and even walking was painful. We were talking knee replacement and all that jazz...It would swell up and look awful all the time and I used to get cortizone shots into it a few times a year. Since I got below 180ish lbs (over 2 years now), it hasn't bothered me even once! 


And another knee pain success story:


“I've had ACL replacement in one knee, which led to chondromalacia in the other knee. About 25 pounds down I felt a noticeable difference when taking the stairs.


Now I can run over 3 miles, and my knees are soooo much better than before!”


In short…


Losing weight can most definitely help reduce the pain.


But why does weight affect your knees in the first place?


Each Pound Of Weight Loss Means 4 Less Pounds Of Pressure On Your Knees


You see, the most surprising part is that, for people who are overweight - each pound lost doesn’t mean there’s one less pound of pressure on your knees…


You’ll be shocked to hear, each pound lost results in a reduction of FOUR pounds of load on your knee joints!(1)


That means if you lose 10 pounds, your knees bear 40 pounds less of weight!


That’s why losing weight has made such a massive impact for the users mentioned above.


It can literally eliminate the knee pain for good.


Now the question is, how should you go about losing weight?


Find A Nutrition Plan That Works For You


Avoid going on a “crash” diet as those cause massive stress on your body, and usually ends up rebounding back.


The key here is to find a nutrition plan that fits with your lifestyle.


Some of the more effective methods include:

- Intermittent Fasting

- Low carb diets

- Mediterranean

- The DASH diet


We suggest taking some time to look up the various types of nutrition plans, and think about which one you think you can stick to in the long-term.


Find Exercises That Don’t Strain Your Knees


Exercises like running can cause more strain on your knees.


That’s why we recommend trying exercises that take the pressure off your knees - but still provide a good, calorie-burning workout.


Some examples include:

- Swimming

- Elliptical training

- Cycling machines

- Yoga

- Light walking


The trick here is to try various exercises and see what feels good for you.


Or mix-and-match to keep things interesting!


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