How To Avoid Knee "Lock-Ups"

If you have stiff knees...

Did you know that you may be at risk of having knee "lock-ups?"

(Also known as a knee seize-up).

It’s where your knees literally “lock up,” and you lose all control.

There is a sharp, shooting pain inside your knees…

Then, because your knee can’t bend, it stiffens up like a board…

And most people usually fall badly when this happens.

I’ve even heard of people getting seriously hurt because their knees lock up as they’re walking down stairs!

And when you have knee pain…

This can be a symptom that can lead to knee lock-ups (especially if your knees feel stiff, and difficult to bend).

So why do knee lock-ups happen in the first place?

It happens in one of two ways:

#1. Damaged cartilage:

Damaged cartilage can break apart and cause small debri-like pieces to float into your joints.

Imagine it like a rock getting stuck in between 2 gears, stopping it from spinning.

This can happen because of reduced blood supply (blood is like water that clears out the gunk and debri in between your joints).

This stiffens your knee, and can cause pain when standing, bending or kneeling.

Eventually, this can also lead to knee lock-up if the debri builds up.

#2. Side effect of knee surgery

Sometimes, knee lock-ups can happen after surgery.

Here are some reports from users who had knee surgery:

“I had TKR of my left knee on June 17th. For the past week I have struggled with pain at the back of my knee (leg). Then today, my knee locked on me several times and was extremely painful. Not a dull pain, but rather sharp.”

“I had a total knee replacement of my right knee in 2011. I had my left knee replaced in 2006. I had to do some kneeling (I know I am not supposed to but it was necessary). After that my right knee started locking up unexpectedly. Cannot predict when it will happen and have almost taken some serious falls when it does lock.”

It’s hard to know exactly what happens post-surgery to cause lock-ups…

But reports show that “foreign objects left in the body” post-surgery can cause lock-ups.

Again, imagine your knee joints like 2 gears.

So when something gets in-between those gears, knee lock-up happens.

What’s the best way to avoid knee lock-ups?

There are several ways to stop it from happening:

1. Use cold or heat therapy to promote blood flow to your knees.

Increased blood flow can help clear out the “gunk” inside your knees.

2. Reduce inflammation (causes cartilage breakdown). 

Remember, cartilage breakdown can create debri that gets stuck inside your knee joints.

Here are some tips on lowering inflammation.

3. Exercise - this also helps increase blood flow and keeps your knees flexible.

Want to know which exercises are safe for your knees? Check out this guide.

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