Knee Surgery Truths Doctors DON'T Tell You


Every year, over 750,000 Americans undergo a surgery that is proving to be ineffective: knee surgery.


More and more research is suggesting that arthroscopic knee surgery is not the life-changing procedure that doctors have advertised. In fact, it can actually do more damage to your knee. 


So what are the REAL risks of knee surgery that NO ONE tells you about?


We'll cover the unspoken risks in this article (including a study that reveals just how many people DIE within 90 days of getting knee surgery)... Along with what you may want to try instead.


(This alternative has actually allowed many folks in our community to avoid knee surgery altogether).


Pain Relief Is NOT Guaranteed After Getting Surgery

There have been several research studies done on knee arthroscopy, and almost all of them have had the same result: it has no definite positive outcome.


A study published in the National Library of Medicine found that patients who undergo knee arthroscopy had a greater likelihood of needing a total knee replacement than patients who used methods like physical therapy or using pain relievers. 


This was because the procedure caused osteoarthritis in the arthroscopy patients to advance more rapidly than it would have without the surgery. 


That same study also concluded that there was no significant difference in pain levels between those who had received knee arthroscopy and those who used other methods for pain management. 


A separate study published by The Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery concluded that debridement of the meniscus during arthroscopic knee surgery had no benefit to the patient when compared to those who did not have the procedure. 


Risks of Knee Arthroscopy - Bleeding, Pain, Infection And More...

The success of knee surgery is questionable at best, and the risks far outweigh the benefits in most cases. 


Risks include: 

  • Greater chance of needing a total knee replacement 

  • Greater risk of developing advanced osteoarthritis

  • Typical surgical risks, like bleeding, pain, and infection

  • A long recovery period, lasting weeks, months, or potentially years


What's more, Dr. Joseph Bernstein, MD - an Ivy League doctor from the University of Pennsylvania discovered...


1 out of 200 people die within 90 days of getting knee surgery!


This is a study you can easily find on the National Institutes of Health website. Yet hardly anyone talks about it. These are some of the hidden truths most doctors won't tell you about knee surgery.


Nonsurgical Intervention Is Better and Safer

Because of the risks associated with knee surgery, it is recommended that adults who have meniscal tears and osteoarthritis avoid knee arthroscopy if at all possible and use nonsurgical treatment instead. 


How Mike Avoided Knee Surgery Completely (And Reduced Knee Pain In Just 7 Days)

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It gets worse, because knee surgery wasn't covered by Mike's insurance...


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Here's what Mike wrote in:


Mike's review

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So while this is good news...


It also highlights an alarming fact:


What if Mike had gone THROUGH with the surgery?

Not only would it cost him a small fortune...


There's also a chance he STILL has knee pain even after the operation.


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