Turning Back the Clock on High Blood Pressure: How a Greens Powder can Transform Health in the Over-50s - A Pilot Study

Turning Back the Clock on High Blood Pressure: How a Greens Powder can Transform Health in the Over-50s - A Pilot Study

By Jennifer Brown, Medical Researcher.

Hello everyone! Let's chat about high blood pressure, or hypertension, a common issue in the US that can lead to serious heart problems, strokes, and even affect your kidneys! 

Treating high blood pressure isn't easy. Why? Because it's caused by a mix of complex things in our body that aren't easy to understand.

Now, here's something interesting. Alongside your regular treatment, we're looking at nutritional supplements. These aren't a one-stop solution or a replacement for your medications, but they're like an extra helping hand for your overall health. They might even help in preventing heart diseases, which is great news!

The best part? These supplements are usually safe, without any harmful side effects. So, we're keen on finding out if they can help lower blood pressure, especially for those of you who have a mild or moderate level of high blood pressure.

The Groundbreaking Pilot study

In this study, 40 people were invited to participate from a chiropractic college faculty and student population. The main focus was on testing a vegetable greens supplement drink made in San Diego, to see if it could affect blood pressure and heart rate variability (HRV) , an important factor for heart health.

People who could participate in the study were either male or female students and faculty members of any age who had elevated blood pressure. However, those with diabetes, heart conditions, kidney problems, thyroid disorders, neurological diseases, pregnancy, or chronic illnesses were not eligible for the study.

Exciting Results After 90 Days of Using the Supplement.

The group that took it saw a big drop in both their systolic (top number) and diastolic (bottom number) blood pressures. Their systolic pressure went down from an average of 140.4 to 128 mm Hg, and their diastolic pressure dropped from around 90.2 to 83.1 mm Hg. In the group that didn't take the supplement, there wasn't a notable change in blood pressure. The weight of the people in the study didn't really change either, staying almost the same in both groups. This concluded that taking the Greens supplement for 90 days actually helped lower blood pressure!
Now, newer research has some more exciting news for those over 50: when it comes to reducing blood pressure, a well-balanced diet is the real game-changer. Surprisingly, it's been found that eating right can have a more significant impact on blood pressure than exercise, especially if you're already making healthy food choices.

For folks in their 50s and beyond, keeping blood pressure in check becomes even more crucial. The target is to maintain it below 140/90 mm Hg. Additionally, managing "bad" cholesterol, aiming for levels below 2.6 mmol/L, is essential for overall heart health.

Think of controlling high blood pressure as crafting a recipe for success, just like a master chef in the kitchen. You have your key ingredients: medications, healthy habits, and the secret spice – the blood pressure-lowering Greens Powder. When mixed together, they create a flavorful dish that not only keeps you healthy but adds vibrancy to your life, just like a perfectly seasoned meal!